A Bottled Message From Across the Sea

The Internet is a wonderful tool, particularly when it carries to my computer screen answers to such nagging headaches as, “What do I write for this week’s MSW Management Blog?”

Thus, it was this past weekend when former head of the Delaware Solid Waste Authority and longtime friend of the magazine, N. C. Vasuki, passed along the United Kingdom Environmental Agency’s REPORT, “Regulating the waste industry: 2015 Evidence Summary September 2016.”

The report summarizes Environment Agency statistics on environmental performance, pollution incidents, and illegal waste activities in the waste industry for the calendar year 2015 in such clear, concise, and unambiguous terms as to garner my wholehearted support of N. C.’s suggestion that it would be nice if USEPA were to generate and publish a similar report.

It’s not that USEPA doesn’t collect and publish prodigious amounts of data and information—lord knows how many trees are sundered to produce only the original documents—but you need to be an archivist to find, assemble, assess, and then distill into a meaningful synthesis…what the UK Summary accomplishes in a scant 10 pages.

Yes, their task is probably simpler than that faced by USEPA owning to the complexity it faces in dealing with state and local district variations in regulations and practices, but it is certainly doable, a final step that I think would bring added clarity to our efforts. MSW_bug_web


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