Hybrid Technology Winds Up in the Landfill


I recently told you about the electric collection vehicle that was being tested by Los Angeles Sanitation (LASAN). The electric refuse truck was developed by BYD and Wayne Engineering and put through a four month pilot project this year on the same routes as LASAN’s regular collection vehicles. It delivered up to four tons per day to the landfill on a single charge without major problems.

This week I’m checking out a hybrid front loader that is being field tested at Waste Management’s Redwood Landfill and Recycling Center near Napa Wine Country in California. The Volvo LX1 is also being put through its paces at the Moreno Valley Transfer Station.

The LX1 uses electric drive motors mounted at the wheels, electric hydraulics, an energy storage system, a much smaller diesel engine, and new machine architecture.

Volvo CE has partnered with Waste Management, CALSTART, and the California Energy Commission on this pilot project to improve fuel efficiency along with reducing emissions and noise pollution. They are presenting their initial results from the field-testing here in Napa Valley Wine country. (I know, tough duty. But you go where the job takes you!)

I’ll be shooting video of thee hybrid wheel loader in action at the landfill as well as talking to some of the principal individuals involved in the project. We’ll have that for you in the coming days.

As it is with wine, here’s your first sample from the Volvo Concept Lab…MSW_bug_web



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