“No Time to Waste”


As a country in general, I think it’s pretty safe to say, we love contests. Think American Idol, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, American Ninja, etc.

I can’t stand The Bachelor or The Bachelorette shows, but I don’t judge people who do.

We love contests so much, we can use them to raise awareness about a specific issue or cause or charity.

Coincidentally (sort of), Forester Media is having really fun contest right now. It’s the Infrastructure Photo Contest and it’s extremely easy to be a part of. All you have to do is send us what you think is a great photo of infrastructure dormant or working, good or bad, new or old, bridges or sewers, roads or railways, you get the idea. Email them to infrastructure@forester.net. The winning photo will be published in all Forester publications.

That was my shameless plug.

Another contest that’s going on right now is being held by the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA). The ISWA Video Award is now accepting submissions for its 2017 competition. This year’s theme of the contest is “No Time to Waste” which also happens to be the theme for this year’s ISWA World Congress. Video entries will be related to the general topic of “waste” as one of the major global problems of our society.

Entries should also be a minimum of 30 seconds and no longer than 80 seconds. Other than that contestants have creative license. The videos can be documentary, fiction, animation, or combinations of them all. The deadline for entries is May 28, 2017 and the award will be presented at WasteCon/ISWA World Congress in Baltimore, MD in September. You can go to the ISWA website for full details. You’ll be competing with people from all around the world.

To give you some idea of what to do, here’s the ISWA Video Award from last year…GX_bug_web


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