You’ve Got to Get ‘Em While They’re Young


Jacob Folwell is a seventh grader from Caldwell, IN, and he just made a big splash at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries’ (ISRI) annual Convention and Exposition being held in New Orleans, LA.

The young Mr. Folwell recently won the grand prize for ISRI’s nationwide 2017 Youth Video & Poster Contest. The contest helps to promote the important role and value of recycling to upcoming generations.

Robin Weiner, the president of ISRI, says, Educating future generations on the role recycling plays in the environment, economy, and society is a large part of ISRI’s advocacy and outreach efforts. It guarantees the success and long-term durability of the recycling industry for years to come. Combining art and video with STEM education to teach recycling allows kids the opportunity to learn about the science and technology of recycling through their own creativity.”

Students in grades K–12 were asked to turn in a video that shows the process and challenges that go along with recycling something that is “Bigger than the Bin” into a reusable form, or connecting with a professional working in the recycling industry and interviewing them to learn about their work and career path.

Jacob Folwell used Legos to demonstrate how a car is recycled.

For the contest, ISRI partnered with JASON Learning which is a nonprofit organization that provides students curriculum and learning experiences in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). And, it gives teachers high-quality professional development.

All contest finalists will receive a certificate, a full year of JASON online access for the entrant(s) and teacher/facilitator, and a contest t-shirt. 

Congratulations, Jacob! MSW_bug_web

  • Paul Sgriccia.

    Arturo – thanks for sharing Jacob’s award winning video. I think that he’ll do well in the industry. I especially liked when the car went through the shredder. thanks, Paul


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