SWANA Awards Committee Search for Award Nominees

The SWANA annual Awards Program recognizes individuals and their organizations for their contributions to the association, to solid waste management and public health/environmental protection.

Each year we ask SWANA Chapters, Membership and staff to nominate individuals for the following:

  1. Professional Achievement Award: Given annually, this award recognizes SWANA Members for valuable and distinguished contributions to the association, the individual’s employing organization and the general public. The length of continuous contributions and services by the individual is taken into consideration during selection.
  2. Robert L. Lawrence Distinguished Service Award: This award is intended for a member or non-member who, by service to the municipal solid waste management (MSWM) field, has demonstrated meritorious consideration. Determination of the award is based on the nominee’s service and activity beyond normal responsibilities to the employer and to the general public. Not awarded each year, this award represents the highest accolade the MSWM industry can give to an individual.
  3. Life Member Award: Consideration for the Life Member Award includes an individual’s length of service and commitment to the association, service and support to Chapters, superior commitment and service to their employer, long term involvement in the field of MSWM, and the degree of significance of contributions to the association and the field of MSWM. Through the regional councils, Chapters may recommend nominees for the Association’s Life Member recognition. Nominees must be approved by the International Board (IB). Life members receive full membership status, without charge, in the Association and all Chapters during their lifetime. No more than one award is given annually.
  4. Honorary Membership Award: This award may be presented to non-members and SWANA Staff for continuous and significant contributions to the field of environmental protection, particularly in North America, with preference to those working in MSWM. Candidates who have been supportive of, and instrumental in, the conduct of SWANA’s mission, directly or indirectly, are given particular consideration. One award is given annually, subject to IB approval.
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This is your opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of the SWANA Members in your organization and Chapter. Nomination forms are available through SWANA’s website or by contacting Kathy Hobbs at 240-494-2248.

All nominations must be received no later than March 1, 2016. Nominees are reviewed by the International Awards Committee and recommendations are made to the IB and Executive Committee (EC) for approval. All 2016 awards will be presented at WASTECON® 2016 from August 22-25, 2016, in Indianapolis, Indiana.  MSW_bug_web


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