What Is in Store for EPA?


We’ve been having discussions in the editorial offices of Forester Media in regards to strategies on how to cover the new White House Administration. One recent event was the confirmation of Scott Pruitt as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Of course, any changes that take place at EPA can have an effect on all of the topics and issues that are covered by MSW Management magazine.

As we move forward in our coverage, we have chosen to present all relevant facts and historical occurrences when it comes to developments and/or changes at EPA, whether it has to do with regulations, EPA staff, EPA policy, science, and research.

Here now are some facts regarding Scott Pruitt. He had been Oklahoma’s attorney general since 2011. On the OK.gov website, he described himself as the “leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda.” Multiple times Pruitt has sued EPA (as well as other government entities) over environmental rules and regulations. He has made statements that he wants to keep the air clean for the country, but he would do so primarily through state regulations.

Pruitt’s brand new bio on EPA’s website says, in part, Also during his tenure as Oklahoma’s Attorney General, Pruitt led an historic water rights settlement between Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, and the Choctaw and Chickasaw Tribal Nations that preserved the ecosystems of scenic lakes and rivers on native lands. The agreement, which required Congressional approval, was enacted into Section 3608 of Public Law 114-322 and signed in December 2016. It provides a framework that fosters intergovernmental collaboration on significant water resource concerns with the settlement area, while at the same time protecting existing water rights and affirming the state’s role in water rights permitting and administration.

“He has dedicated his career to creating policy that serves the people. He strongly believes that environmental law, policy, and progress are all based on cooperation between the states, cooperation between the states and EPA, and cooperation between regulators and the public. As Attorney General for Oklahoma, he led the state’s legal challenges against property rights intrusion, while protecting Oklahoma’s natural resources and environment.”

I would encourage you to do more research into EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s career.  

This is also your opportunity to join the conversation. Alert us to something you feel your fellow readers should know, comment when you think we’re right or wrong, and contribute your opinions and ideas.

Right now I’ll start the discussion by simply asking, “What is in store for EPA?”

The following is video of Administrator Pruitt addressing agency employees just after his confirmation. GX_bug_web


  • Matt Stien.

    I hope he does away with or minimizes EPA as promised. It is too powerful. Trump will see that deregulation puts the country back on track economically. Minimal government oversight for safety and environment is all that we need

  • Clint White.

    Pruitt is an unacceptable choice for the position.
    From the attached article: Ben Cardin, Democrat from Maryland. “One of the fundamental tests for whether a person should be confirmed is whether that person believes in the mission of the agency in which he or she is becoming the leader of. And in Mr. Pruitt’s case, it’s hard to believe he really believes that the Environmental Protection Agency should be there protecting the environment.”



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