How Can We Make Green Energy Save Some Green?

As I announced in a previous blog, Forester Media is preparing to launch a new publication this Fall—Energy Storage Solutions—following the dramatic changes that are taking place in how energy is produced, collected, stored, transmitted, and used.

Yes, nuclear, coal, natural gas, diesel, and gasoline fueled power generation plants will be with us for some time to come, but so will a variety of environmentally superior energy resources that are making significant headway in the face of what until recently seemed to be unyielding obstacles posed by our monolithic power grid system and its keepers, the nation’s utilities and bureaucratic rules makers.

For certain, renewable energy resources have been part of the equation, but who outside of a handful of the anointed would have predicted the velocity with which we see change—fundamental change—taking place today? And changes euphemistically referred to as “disruptive” are proceeding so rapidly that they’re overtaxing the ability of those heretofore in command of our energy infrastructure to respond.

I spent a good part of last week at Intersolar North America at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, looking at how energy storage is beginning to play an indispensable role of our nation’s energy future, and what became increasingly evident to me is that waste, and more precisely energy-from-waste (EfW), is in a position to become a participant in the process.

When tied to utility grids, mass burn waste combustors and landfill gas-to-energy systems are geared to meet baseload requirements, but smaller, emerging EfW systems—such as anaerobic digesters—are of a scale better suited to Peaker duty, particularly when coupled with storage systems that permit time shifting to meet demand loads.

The value here is that while digesters produce gas on a pretty constant basis, storage allows the energy to be applied where it does the most good…peak shaving to reduce high demand charges.

If the subject of demand charge hedging interests you, how about going to the Energy Storage Solutions page and sign up for a free subscription.

Finally I’d like to know what thoughts or plans you might have in energy storage and peak shaving, as well as the results of any analyses you have conducted in this arena. MSW_bug_web


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