Case Study: Canal Bank Restoration

Dear Stormwater Professional,

When a canal and stormwater structure presented unacceptable risks to people and wildlife, the City of Palm Coast and the St. Johns River Water Management District in Florida evaluated the options to reconstruct the steep banks of the canal and the embedded culvert structure.

The original construction material, rip rap rock, had failed and presented safety risks to the public and maintenance workers, and flooded often. The consequent erosion had become an issue and homeowners feared losing ground.

Our friends at SOX Erosion Solutions provided this case study to show how the City of Palm Beach and the contractor approached the problem of steep canal walls eroding, causing safety, flood, and wildlife hazards.

When you read this case study, you will:

  • Discover how the complete remediation solution was completed in one week
  • Learn the simple and quick process contractors used to reconstruct canal walls
  • Find out how the canal restored with SOX Erosion Systems stood up to Hurricane Matthew

If these questions intrigue you . . . if there’s anything in canal bank restoration you think you still have to learn . . . download this FREE case study now, before your attention turns to other matters. 

This case study is FREE. Read it now, and learn how the City Palm Beach, FL, restored canal banks with SOX Shoresox and Dredgesox systems that stood up to Hurricane Matthew.


Forester Media,

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P.S. This case study is exclusive to Stormwater readers.

  • Klimov S.

    Good technology! I wonder what material is used for Shoreskoh ™, what are its filtration characteristics and what will happen to it after the soaking up of the soil.


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