Case Study:  CULTEC System Infiltrates Nuisance Water for City of Rochester Roadway

Dear Stormwater Professional,

Nuisance groundwater was causing major headaches for one homeowner in the Crystal Spring neighborhood of Rochester. This rural subdivision was formerly farms and rural land. The drainage area leading to the ditch that held the nuisance water drained approximately 9 acres of woods and yards, and drained through a culvert at a rate of 3–5 gallons a minute. While the City of Rochester graded the ditch in 2015, that remedy only provided temporary relief.

In fall 2016, the City of Rochester looked for a creative solution instead of trying to re-grade hundreds, and potentially thousands, of feet of ditch bottom and trying to reset private driveway culverts.

Our friends at CULTEC provided this case study to show how the City of Rochester approached the problem of nuisance water in a cost-effective manner without the need to levy a special assessment on homeowners.

When you read this case study, you will:

  • Discover the complete assembly process for installing the infiltration system
  • Learn what contractors appreciate about Cultec solutions
  • Find How the city of Rochester kept the excavation localized to one property


Have you ever wondered:

  • What other elements are needed to ensure systems are not clogged with silt or leaves?
  • How to handle nuisance water where sandy underlying soils are present?
  • How often inspections are needed on infiltration systems?

If any of these questions intrigue you…if there’s anything in the nuisance water infiltration field you think you still have to learn…download this FREE case study now, before your attention turns to other matters. 

This case study, written by in-the-field experts, is FREE. Read it now, and learn how a CULTEC System Infiltrates Nuisance Water for City of Rochester Roadway.


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