Innovative Approach to Landfill Design Allows for Benchless Caps

ArmorFill allows the entire cap to sheet flow to the perimeter ditches, eliminating the need for diversion berms, benches, and downslope channels.

Dear Landfill Manager,

Controlling surface water runoff and erosion is always a challenge, especially in applications where large flows exist.

An environmentally friendly binding agent called ArmorFill can now be added to the sand infill component of ClosureTurf® that will increase the performance of the product. In the typical landfill design, slope lengths must be limited or soil will begin to migrate due to shear forces. Historically, landfill designs have incorporated diversion berms (benches) and down slope channels to move the water off the cover as quickly as required. With the introduction of ArmorFill, landfill designers can utilize a rarely used concept; Benchless Design.

When you read “Innovative Approach to Landfill Design Allows for Benchless Caps,” you will:

  • Discover how ClosureTurf® can be used with geomembranes that have a lower drainage profile
  • Learn how ArmorFill allows sheet flow rather than channelizing the flow in diversion berms
  • See the benefits of having storm water “de”tained rather than “re”tained

Have you ever wondered:

  • How to reduce or eliminate diversion berms and down slope channels?
  • How to reduce/eliminate sediment storage?
  • How to reduce/eliminate maintenance?

If any of these questions intrigue you—or if there’s anything about revetment systems for high velocity hydraulic applications you think you still have to learn—download this FREE special report now.

Yours truly,

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MSW Management

P.S. This valuable special report is not available anywhere else at any price! It is exclusive to Forester Network readers only.


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