Remediation Site Excavation Bracing Design

Dear Construction Professional,

In September of 2016, Mabey Inc. became involved with a large excavation bracing design in Allston, MA. The excavation is to remediate a site for development, approximately 430 feet long and 110 feet wide and varies in depth between 9 and 32 feet.

Our friends at Mabey Inc. provided a design study to show how monitoring systems can be used to validate geotechnical design assumptions to produce smarter designs that allow for adjustment during construction—which expedites construction of the excavation bracing and results in saving time and money.

When you read this design study, you will:

  • Discover the key advantage of Mabey’s rented, flexible system
  • Learn how Mabey’s Live Pin and Live Site systems were used for monitoring
  • Find out how the design reduced the amount of framing necessary by 40% and helped expedite construction

Have you ever wondered:

  • How to design bracing for drained long-term and undrained short-term conditions?
  • How to use monitoring to calibrate design applications for actual site conditions?
  • How to produce smarter designs that allow for adjustments during construction?

If any of these questions intrigue you…if there’s anything in large excavation bracing design you think you still have to learn…download this FREE design study now, before your attention turns to other matters. 

This design study, written by in-the-field experts Douglas C. Brunot, P.E., S.E, and Michael J. Ramsay, is FREE. Read it now by downloading: HERE


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