The NexSens G2-RAIN Alert System is an all-in-one tipping bucket rain gauge, data logger, cellular modem, and battery pack for real-time rainfall monitoring and alert notifications. It can be quickly deployed on a 2-inch NPT pole for use in flood alert systems, stormwater applications, and construction site monitoring. The integrated lithium battery pack boasts a four-year life, powering a system that transmits from anywhere with Verizon 3G cellular coverage. All data are sent to a secure WQData LIVE Web data center, where project managers can view real-time readings, configure rain alerts, and export data.

At some point, all communities face possible devastation from rising flood waters. And on the front line of the flood response effort are civil engineers inspecting and monitoring flood control systems in order to protect community lives and property. But…at what risk? Ryan Hunsicker and David Totman will give a free webcast exploring how the County of San Bernardino developed and implemented an effective flood response plan using a Geographic Information System (GIS). Participants can learn how to use GIS to effectively plan, execute, mitigate, and review flood control efforts year round.

Large-diameter pipelines and culverts represent the backbone of any major city’s utility network for the collection of sewerage and effective drainage of stormwater. In many cases, the fabric of these pipelines have succumbed to the ravages of time, H2S attack, or erosion and may exhibit imminent failure due to structural loading beyond its remaining capacity. Channeline International has more than 30 years of experience providing customized structural GRP linings within pipelines, no matter what size, shape, or form.

Plastic Solutions Inc. was founded in 1997 with the vision to supply structural plastic trash racks to the stormwater management industry. Since then, a significant amount of research and development has gone into product testing—including load testing, UV resistance, flammability, resin additives, and water flow restriction requirements—all with excellent results. Today, Plastic Solutions supplies high-quality, industry-leading trash racks, and also sells HDPE pipe, HDPE fittings, ChamberMaxx pipe, PVC pipe, plastic catch and drain basins, and plastic sheet goods. The company has a certified shop and field welders to ensure all requirements are met.

Manufactured nationwide by local UNI manufacturers, Eco-Priora permeable interlocking concrete pavers infiltrate stormwater runoff and save money by combining parking and detention. Eco-Priora reduces impacts on combined storm/sewer systems, mitigates runoff volumes and peak flows, and qualifies for LEED and other green rating systems credits. Eco-Priora is available in rectangle and square styles with patented interlocking spacers that offer superior structural stability under traffic loading, and withstands turning movements without surface degradation or raveling.

Every stormwater rehabilitation project has its unique challenges—from severe structural damage, to emergency repairs to save a roadway, or preventing a reservoir from collapsing and flooding nearby neighborhoods or towns. Cities, counties, and DOTs have discovered the benefits of CentriPipe—a centrifugally cast concrete pipe solution pioneered by AP/M Permaform—for their critical pipe repair and maintenance programs involving 36 inches and larger CMP, brick, and RCP pipes of all configurations.

CULTEC Inc. is a family-owned and operated company with experience in the drainage industry for over 65 years. As the manufacturer of Contactor and Recharger plastic septic and stormwater chambers, CULTEC offers the largest variety of sizes to fit almost any site requirement. Recently, the installation of CULTEC’s Recharger 902HD chamber was utilized at Marion Elementary School in Chambersburg, PA, to satisfy stormwater management requirements. The 902HD was able to accommodate the site constraints and storage criteria while giving the engineers design flexibility and cost savings to the school.

With In-Situ, customers can reduce costs and improve compliance with continuous stormwater monitoring. The Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Sonde is the latest advancement in state-of-the-art water monitoring technology, and is ideal for spot-checking and long-term deployment. Its internal data logging, greater-than-9-month battery life, drift-resistant sensors, and active and passive antifouling systems ensure years of performance. With simple telemetry setup with real-time information and alarming, smartphone app control, and a quick-read LCD status screen, it makes maintenance and deployment fast and easy.

BMP’s new “Marina Kit” comes with a 12-inch SNOUT and a Bio-Skirt to help waterfront facilities clean up their most troublesome pollutants—trash and oil. The SNOUT is simple: It acts as a baffle. When installed in a sump catch basin, it skims the floatable trash off of the surface and allows heavier materials to sink to the bottom. The Bio-Skirt is a floating skirted-boom, which attaches to the SNOUT to target hydrocarbons, like emulsified oils and PAHs.

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment, a Charles Machine Works Company, has introduced a sectional point repair system for rehabilitating sewer and stormwater pipe with circular or oval cross-sections 3 to 48 inches in diameter. The HammerHead point repair system is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly cured-in- place-pipe (CIPP) point or sectional repair solution that is available in custom kits based on customers’ specific project requirements. The new product is available both in bulk quantities, and as conveniently prepared kits containing everything the contractor needs, including patch liner, resin, packers, and ancillary supplies.

A confidential industrial client in Carson, CA, used the StormChamber system to comply with new stormwater laws for water-quality treatment. A pretreatment unit was eliminated with a four-row StormChamber system used in conjunction with StormChamber’s SedimenTraps. The system was designed and constructed by ES Engineering in Orange, CA. StormChambers were provided through Hydrologic Solutions’ manufacturing facility in Ontario, CA.

What is Concrete-Enhanced Synthetic Turf (CEST), and how can you best apply it to your site to capitalize on the environmental benefits of vegetation and the performance and maintenance of hard armor? Speaker Bradford Cooley, P.E., will give a free webcast exploring CEST revetment systems, including key elements and applications, installation and design best practices, hydraulic and non-hydraulic performance results, and how to implement CEST to improve performance and reduce maintenance costs. The webcast will review CEST—key components, considerations, and how it works—details of hydraulic and non-hydraulic performance; testing; and benefits over traditional hard armor revetments (e.g., performance, application, installation, environment, and cost).



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