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You’ll find a Doosan crawler excavator model equipped for nearly any digging, lifting and loading application—including confined roadways, major construction projects.

Wear and Tear

Wear and Tear

Given the rough conditions inherent on landfill landscapes, “anywhere the machine comes in contact with the waste can be a point of origination for wear and tear,” points out Tom Griffith, senior system and waste application specialist for Caterpillar.

Equipment Manufacturers Make Servicing Upgrades (Part 3)

Equipment Manufacturers Make Servicing Upgrades (Part 3)

Deere Wheel Loaders
Oil change intervals today on Deere loaders are 500 hours, up from 250 hours a few years ago. Improvements in general oil technology, in engine oil control and lubrication systems, and in some cases increased oil sump capacity contributed to the longer hours.

John Deere WorkSight brings together machines,

Equipment Service: Easier, Less Often

Equipment Service: Easier, Less Often

To get a handle on these improvements, Grading & Excavation Contractor asked seven manufacturers exactly what their machines now feature that makes maintenance easier and less frequent. Here’s what they told us.

Doosan Offers New Heavy-Duty Ditching Buckets

(WEST FARGO, N.D. – April 2015) Customers needing a bucket to more efficiently complete a variety of excavating and grading projects can now depend on new Doosan heavy-duty ditching buckets. The heavy-duty ditching buckets are available on all Doosan crawler excavators, ranging from the DX140LC-3 through the DX530LC-5 models. The

Safety: Lifting With Care

The versatility of hydraulic excavators is virtually unmatched in the world of construction equipment. Whether you’re talking about compact, mid-range or large hydraulic excavators, these machines can take on a variety of jobs in many different conditions by changing between dozens of approved attachments. Other than excavating with a bucket

Excavation With Know-How

Excavators are getting much smarter these days. With advanced engine and hydraulics technology, they can do more work than ever with a gallon of fuel. And with global positioning systems (GPSs) and wireless communications, they can tell the office folks what they’re doing and warn of any impending ailments.

Take Volvo

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