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Erosion control is the practice of preventing or controlling wind or water erosion in agriculture, land development, coastal areas, riverbanks and construction. Effective erosion controls are important techniques in preventing water pollution, soil loss, wildlife habitat loss and human property loss.

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The SUTTER 500 and SUTTER 300 trail dozers are designed for trail construction and maintenance, public works, fire breaks, timber thinning, contractors, ranchers, and residential. Build approximately 1,000 feet per hour of 3- to 4-foot-wide trails with the SUTTER 500, or under-30-inch-wide single-track trails with the SUTTER 300.

The Right Wall for the Site

The Right Wall for the Site

After 22 months, 708,000 man-hours of work, nearly half a million tons of concrete, and $215 million, the massive Interstate 15 (I-15) reconstruction project in Utah has been completed. The Point project, as it was known, involved 7 miles of the most heavily traveled highway in the state.

Rock Solid

Rock Solid

Rocks probably were humans’ first construction materials, and they still may be one of our most important.

Loose, as riprap, or contained in gabion walls, they’re ideal for preventing erosion along water channels, ­rivers, creeks, lakes, and oceans.

Managing for Drought

Managing for Drought

The mania for a green lawn, or in some cases green anything, across many regions of the US has been quelled by recent droughts (thankfully now abating). Even long before water meters were spinning at record rates for golf resorts, private homes, and corporate campuses, scientists have been devising technologies

Geogrids for Stabilizing Steep Slopes

Geogrids for Stabilizing Steep Slopes

The steep slopes and compressible soils caused concern that the road might, sometime in the future, shift and even crack if precast concrete panel retaining walls were used. Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) officials suggested that 1:1 slope reinforcement with geogrid be used instead.

Managing Daily Cover and Drainage at MSW Landfill Sites

Managing Daily Cover and Drainage at MSW Landfill Sites

Today’s municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills are much more than places to dump household trash. They’re engineered facilities that are designed to hold and isolate the trash from the environment and are governed by both federal and state regulations.

Landfill designers and operators face two main challenges to the integrity of

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