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Earthworks or excavating and grading are engineering works created through the moving or processing of parts of the earth’s surface involving quantities of soil or unformed rock. The earth may be moved to another location and formed into a desired shape for a purpose. Much of earthworks involves machine excavation and fill or backfill.

Project Profile: A Level Playing Field

The next time a defensive safety for the Edmonton Eskimos football team smacks down an opposing wide receiver at Commonwealth Stadium, both of them will land on a well-prepared piece of real estate. That’s because the field at Commonwealth Stadium, the home of the Edmonton Eskimos professional football team in

Project Profile: Information Power

Project Profile: Information Power

Vehicle telematics-the wireless exchange of electronic information for fleet monitoring-gives managers powerful analytical tools to track machine location, operating performance for preventive maintenance scheduling, and productivity. Telematics systems detect a vehicle’s engine operation and wirelessly communicate the data to a computer system for real-time monitoring; the data also can be

Simulators Go Far Beyond Games

Some people look at simulators and see them as nothing but entertainment. Wrong! Having seen all those flashing, bright, impossibly active video games that allegedly simulate real life situations in all their destructive enjoyment, we cannot be blamed for thinking that everything that claims to imitate real life situations will

Project Profile: Underwater Innovator

Project Profile: Underwater Innovator

Excavating a mile-long, horseshoe-shaped canal doesn’t sound like much of a challenge, even when the specifications call for grade accuracies measured in tenths of a foot. But fill the canal with 25 feet of seawater, put a working nuclear plant that depends on the canal for cooling in the center

GPS Technology: A Business Decision

Investing in any equipment should be carried out based on good business practices, including justifying its cost and a host of other business reasons. One type of equipment to consider buying is high technology that can create a synergism within a company’s production operations. Synergism, according to Merriam Webster’s 11th

GPS Technology Meets Destiny

It is plausible that Destiny USA, the proposed retail and entertainment center in Syracuse, NY, will be the largest building complex in the world, if the following facts are taken into consideration. Upon its completion, the project will include a 6.5-million-square-foot integrated structure built on a 325-acre site that is

Working in the Dark

Working in the hours of darkness brings its own dangers, but the alert contractor will be well prepared and manage the project with few problems.

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