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A grapple can be mounted to a tractor or excavator with a movable arm that may lift, extend/retract, and move side-to-side (pivot or rotate). Some machines also have a separate control for rotating the grapple.
Simpler grapple machines consist of a hydraulically liftable fork, rake (“grapple rake”), or bucket and a movable, opposing “thumb” (one or more hooks or levers) that enclose and grip materials for lifting or dragging. A “demolition bucket” or “multi-purpose bucket” on a loader may also operate as a grapple whereby the bottom and rear side of the bucket are hinged and can be forced apart or together with hydraulic cylinders.

The Right Tool for the Right Job

The Right Tool for the Right Job

Almost everyone has had the experience where frustration with the inefficiency of a tool or machine prompts the request to the universe: “If only someone invented a tool that could do this better I’d be done by now.” In heavy equipment when time is money this is especially true, but

Woodwaste and Greenwaste Processing

Processing woodwaste and greenwaste has become a common landfill activity, one that varies in complexity depending on whether the end product is ADC, mulch, compost, or (biomass) fuel. Producing each of these requires that one follow certain steps, but the number, type, and sequence of those steps can vary widely

When Is Enough Enough?

How often have parents told their children that enough is enough? It’s usually said to stop the littler ones from getting too excited, tormenting the neighbor’s cat, or getting generally out of hand. There’s a similar saying, too, not heard as often, except in the offices of doctors and dieticians.

Compact Loaders: Sorting the Choices

Compact Loaders: Sorting the Choices

At one time, if you were a grading and excavating contractor looking for a loader with the ability to work quickly, efficiently, and productively on job sites where both time and maneuver room were in short supply, you were limited to a skid-steer machine. Now, of course, your choices of

Rubber Tracks Keep Productivity High

Grading contractor Ronnie Puckett figures he has about 14,000 hours of experience running compact track loaders. That dates back to the time he was employed by another contractor, when he first operated a compact track loader. “I was working in wet weather when guys running tire-equipped loaders were sitting at

Achieving Big Dreams by Thinking Small

There’s more than one way to build a become your own successful boss in the grading and excavating business, especially when you start with skid-steer loaders, mini-excavators and other compact equipment.

The Increasing Role of Tool Carriers

The Frederico Construction Company of Rochester, NY, has been doing roadwork of all kinds for more than 30 years. But nowadays there is a different look to a Frederico job site. At first, all you might notice is the familiar sight of a backhoe with a tamper and a standard

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