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John has owned a T34A, MiG-15-bis and MiG-21-U, and has flown “a gaggle of neat civilian birds.” He is the author of Marine Air: First to Fight (Presidio Press 1985) and the much acclaimed Phantom Over Vietnam (Presidio Press 1984). He currently works for Forester Media of Santa Barbara, CA, as its Group Editor overseeing its six trade publications: Business Energy, Erosion Control, Grading & Excavation Contractor, MSW Management, Stormwater, and Water Efficiency.

Changes – Grading & Excavation Contractor

Changes – Grading & Excavation Contractor

Some change is slow and gradual, like going from old format television broadcasts to HD television broadcasts—while other change can be immediate and quite jarring, such as the changes I had to make in my former life as a TV news reporter changing jobs and locations a number of times.

Monterey Forges Ahead Once Again

Monterey Forges Ahead Once Again

Those of us who have marveled at how Monterey Regional Waste Management District’s (MRWMD) integrated waste management system manages to pull rabbits out of its hat-think dirty MRF, landfill with 150 years of space, and its highly successful Last Chance Mercantile operation that brings reuse to a new high-once again

The Buzz

The Buzz

We all know that man is not an island. Most of us don’t work inside a bubble, and so our professional responsibilities often bleed into places that are not officially “in our job description.” With that in mind, we’re introducing a new feature-The Buzz. As you may or may not

What is your Image?

I hope my mother doesn’t find out what I am doing. She wanted me to be a doctor.”

“I am glad mom lives in another city, because I am too embarrassed to tell her about my job in the waste industry.”

“Why are there so few women working in our business?”

“There is no

2005: It’s Time to Look to the Future

It is with sadness that I report to you the death of Joe Iannucci, who, as many already know, has been a if not the guiding light in the cause of distributed power generation and transmission. As principal of Distributed Utility Associates (DUA), a consulting firm specializing in emerging energy

Moving Mountains

Recently I toured a first-rate restoration project in the Phoenix, AZ, Metropolitan area. Tres Rios natural recycling plant uses 60 million gal. of effluent daily to support lush vegetation in the Sonora Desert. The plant both conserves the valley’s most valuable resource-water-and creates a perfect habitat for a full spectrum

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