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Microturbines are touted to become widespread in distributed power and combined heat and power applications. They are one of the most promising technologies for powering hybrid electric vehicles. They range from hand held units producing less than a kilowatt, to commercial sized systems that produce tens or hundreds of kilowatts. Basic principles of microturbine are based on micro combustion.

Microturbines for Backup Power

Microturbines for Backup Power

After Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast in 2005, the Salem County Red Cross in Carneys Point, New Jersey asked Salem Community College to continue its 15-year tradition of serving as the local Red Cross disaster relief shelter with the stipulation the campus have a backup power system that provides electricity, cooling, and heating

Blades and Rotors

Blades and Rotors

The current market condition is favorable for onsite power generation, notes Jim Crouse, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Capstone Turbine Corporation.

The Future of Cogen

As the economy continues its struggles, any technology that provides long-term savings, including cogeneration, has a bright future.

The Potential of LFG

Last year, when the cost of gasoline at the pump almost reached $5 per gallon in many regions of the country, there was a silver lining on the energy storm clouds. The increased price at the pump made renewable energy and alternative fuels economically attractive even without the further research

Bucking the Trend

Bucking the Trend

Mark Deming knows that the buildings in his school district are among the least energy-efficient in the country. That’s because the vast majority of public school buildings in Connecticut—from the elementary- to the high-school level—routinely earn failing grades when it comes to providing power, heating, and cooling for their students

Continuous Power-or Not, As You Prefer

It’s like a genset, but it does the job better-continuously and with minimal emissions. A microturbine is a gas-turbine engine-small, as its name implies. It drives a generator, and like those familiar gensets, it provides power directly to your facility. Housed inside or outside your plant, retail establishment, or general

Retail Cost-Deferral Landfill Gas Projects

While the badly needed federal price support for landfill gas-to-energy (LFGTE) projects continues to languish in Congress, smaller but viable LFG-recovery projects are being installed to meet the energy needs of landfills and nearby customers at a fraction of the retail prices charged by the utilities.

Landfill Gas Utilization: The Future’s So Bright

As of May 2001, more than 330 landfill gas utilization projects are in operation, up from just 162 in 1996. Can this tremendous growth continue? This paper explores the technology and market factors that make EPA’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program optimistic that it can.

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