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Microgrids Up and Running

When distributed energy resources (DER) join forces on a microgrid, they can achieve much greater value as a coordinated whole, than when standing alone. Consider: Solely from a customer standpoint, the ability of multiple DER to share a point of common coupling saves thousands of dollars in fees and expenses;

Rebuilding a Roadway

When a rockslide slammed 20 yd. 3 of cliffside onto the Kamehameha Highway in March 2000, it cut off access to homes, businesses, and tourist destinations on Waimea Bay’s North Shore on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The state geologist determined the cliff above was unstable, resulting in closure of

Arrest That Fugitive Dust!

It’s just dust; why should I worry about it? Dust shows that work is going on. This has been the attitude of some in the development and construction industries, but tougher air-quality regulations, bigger fines for violations, and increasing public pressure to curb fugitive dust are changing that attitude. Each

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