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Forester Media offers a family of in-depth resources for professionals engaged in a wide range of infrastructure, engineering, and related environmental practices. In addition, we offer online education & training, produce live events and conferences, and publish books and extensive online content.


Distributed Energy
Generation | Efficiency | Technology

Distributed Energy has an audited circulation of over 21,000 and reaches more than 42,000 readers with every issue. Distributed Energy is written for those responsible for reliable onsite power, energy cost savings, and essential backup power and publishes seven times a year. It is available in print or digital.

Erosion Control
The Journal for Erosion and Sediment Control Professionals

Erosion Control is written for those involved with protecting and caring for one of our most precious and important resources—the soil that sustains us all. Erosion Control is read by more than 56,600 readers and publishes seven times a year. It is available in print or digital.

Grading & Excavation Contractor
The Authority for Earthmoving Professionals

Grading & Excavation Contractor reaches more than 31,000 grading, excavating, and earthmoving professionals. The acknowledged leader in its field, Grading & Excavation Contractor has led the way in illustrating the benefits of technology and new business practices in the industry. Published eight times a year, it is available in print or digital.

MSW Management
The Journal for Municipal Solid Waste Professionals

MSW Management is the official journal of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), the largest professional organization of solid waste management professionals in the world. Covering every aspect of the industry from zero waste, recycling, landfill operations, waste equipment options and maintenance, and much more.  MSW Management has an audited subscriber base of over 25,600, publishes seven times a year, and is available in print or digital.

The Journal for Surface Water Quality Professionals

Stormwater is the official journal of StormCon and has been the industry leader since its groundbreaking debut just before Y2K.  With an audited circulation and total reach of nearly 54,000, Stormwater is published eight times a year and is available in print or digital.

Water Efficiency
The Journal for Water Resource Management

It seems that every newspaper and TV station in the country is devoting more time and ink to the needs of our water infrastructure, and Water Efficiency is written for those with high level responsibility for meeting the formidable water conservation and management challenges head on. Reaching over 52,000 readers with each issue, it publishes seven times each year and is available in print or digital.


Forester University

Tens of thousands of industry professionals have broadened their knowledge and professional horizons by learning remotely through content provided by Forester University. We bring the best teachers to you and offer an ever-expanding array of online courses and make staying ahead of the curve convenient and easy. All courses are recorded so if you miss a live broadcast time, no problem—watch it and learn on your own schedule.

Check out our current lineup at www.foresteruniversity.net


The North American Surface Water Quality Conference and Exposition

Surface water runoff is the number one source of water pollution and StormCon is the largest professional gathering of professionals in the industry. For five days each year we bring the leading equipment and technology suppliers together with those responsible for regulating, monitoring, and minimizing stormwater pollution.

Get more information and register for our upcoming event at www.stormcon.com