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Lynn Merrill

Lynn Merrill is director of public services for the City of San Bernardino, CA.

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Finding the Money for Stormwater Management

With all the demands on municipal governments to fund a variety of services from public safety to after-school recreation, finding the money for stormwater management programs can be a challenge. In the hierarchy of public needs, elected officials can be hard pressed to put a priority on cleaning catch basins

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Configuring Transfer Stations to Maximize Efficiency

It seems that designing a transfer station should be a simple task. The tipping floor connects to the loading bays. A driveway here and there for moving collection trucks in and transfer trailers out. A scale to weigh incoming and outgoing loads. A building to protect customers, personnel, and equipment

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The Refuse Fleet Maintenance Challenge – Part 1

Challenges and Opportunities

If there is one component critical to the overall success of refuse collection operations, it’s your trucks. Without those rearloaders, automateds, frontloaders, and rolloffs traveling the boulevards and back alleys of your jurisdiction, the garbage sits on the curb or in the bin, and there’s no practical way

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2001: A Collection Systems Odyssey

While it’s unlikely that the basics of refuse collection operations – trucks, containers, and personnel – will change dramatically during the next few years, external issues beyond the industry will shape how and what we do. Whether it’s the type of fuel used in the vehicle to meet clean-air mandates,