January-February 2019

| TABLE OF CONTENTS Vol. 17 / No. 1 Editor’s Comments: Narrative Maps IN THIS ISSUE Roadmaps to Higher Efficiency HVAC Advances Get Smart Sound Off Departments Interoperability and Integration HVPS Selection Floating Solar City of Utica Community Microgrid System ShowCase Advertiser’s Index Reader Profile: Nolan Rutschillinge ... READ MORE

November-December 2018

| TABLE OF CONTENTS Vol. 16 / No. 7 Editor’s Comments: The Energy Transition IN THIS ISSUE Cogeneration at the Core A Wall of Sound The Next Generation of Portable Generation Achieving Unprecedented Efficiency Departments Interactivity and Efficiency Avoiding a Costly Failure Clean Peak Standard ShowCase Advertiser’s Index Reader Profile: Mardi Ditze ... READ MORE

September-October 2018

| TABLE OF CONTENTS Vol. 16 / No. 6 Editor’s Comments: A Digital Orchestra IN THIS ISSUE Sunny Side Up Betting on David Against Goliath Managing the Microgrid Access and Integration Departments Retrofitting for Efficiency Power Quality of Microgrids Ample Opportunities Connected Development ShowCase Advertiser’s Index Reader Profile: Tony Sparks ... READ MORE

July-August 2018

| Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems Building Automation for Efficiency CHP: Institutional Applications Power Testing ... READ MORE

June 2018

| TABLE OF CONTENTS Vol. 16 / No. 4 Editor’s Comments: Complementary Technologies IN THIS ISSUE A New Team of Horses Energy Storage for Demand Response A Two-Way Street Energy Risks Tapping Tanks for Energy Storage Departments Project Profile: Comfort + Efficiency The New Era of Absorption Chillers ShowCase Advertiser’s Index Reader Profile: Ian Peshel ... READ MORE

May 2018

| Vehicle to Grid Smarter Buildings The Future of Fuel Cells VFD Technology Steam and Power Metering Enhances Efficiency ... READ MORE

March-April 2018

| Keeping Power Quality High Backup Power 2018 Biogas and Cogeneration Smarter Buildings Standing Ready ... READ MORE

September-October 2017

| Demand Management Great Things Come in Small Packages Creative Configurations The Sound of Silence Empowered Decision-Making ... READ MORE

June 2017

| The Strongest Link in the Chain A Growing Trend HVAC Innovations Building Blocks of Power Security ... READ MORE

May 2017

| Defying Gravity Glass: A Clear Solution Community Microgrids Prevention Pays Off ... READ MORE

March-April 2017

| Energy Management Systems Energy Consultant Checklist Switchgear Maintenance Retrofitting for Efficiency Financing Solar and Energy Storage in Schools ... READ MORE

January-February 2017

| Integrating CHP with Microgrids Wheels Turning, Blades Spinning Onsite Solutions Recent Developments in Lithium-Ion Batteries HVAC Innovations ... READ MORE

November-December 2016

| Gas Turbine Design for Challenging Environments A Fuel Phase Transition Switchgear Intelligence Integrative Solutions ... READ MORE

September-October 2016

| Turning Data into Action Connectivity And Resilience Tapping in to the Cost-Saving Power of VFDs Better Together ... READ MORE

July-August 2016

| Illuminating Technology Microgrid & Microturbine Power Trends Why Solar, Why Now? Zero Net Energy Schools ... READ MORE

June 2016

| Microgrids offer a grid-edge solution Turbine Technology The Power Whisperer Engines and Gensets for Emergencies ... READ MORE

May 2016

| The Future Is Now Energy Management Systems Net Zero Energy Emissions Control ... READ MORE

March-April 2016

| Critical Facility HVAC Building Commissioners Smart Building Technology Data Center Power Reader Profile: Harshad Shah ... READ MORE

January-February 2016

| Aesthetics and Energy Efficiency Win-Wins With Interns Cogen at the Ronald McDonald House Ohio Recreational Center Boosts Bottom Line With CHP Reader Profile - George Nassos ... READ MORE

November-December 2015

| Turbines and Non-Traditional Fuels Quiet Quest Boilers and Efficiency What’s New in Drives, Pumps, and Motors? Secure Power ... READ MORE

September-October 2015

| Manufacturers Know the Drill Following Light Integrating Demand Reduction With Storage and Renewables Smart Buildings Supplement ... READ MORE

July-August 2015

| Signed, Sealed, Delivered Paying With Savings Creating Comfort Blades and Rotors The Future of Microgrid Markets ... READ MORE

June 2015

| A Healthy Dose of Efficiency Switchgear: Safety and Matters of Space Perspectives on Lighting Retrofits Engines and Gensets Managing Our Way to the Internet of Energy ... READ MORE

May 2015

| The LED Lighting Revolution Facility Focus: Large Retailers Increasingly Ready to Tackle Energy Efficiency The Sounds of Silence Our Simplest Element Holds a Key to Our Energy Future Choosing Tankless ... READ MORE

March-April 2015

| Big Data, Small Generator Building Controls: The Heart of Energy Efficiency Handling the Heat With CHP Columbus Resolves North Market Air Quality Keeping Power Aligned Frozen Is Frozen ... READ MORE

January-February 2015

| The Wireless Sensor Revolution Reducing Daytime Energy Costs With Nighttime Activity Elements of Critical Power and Their Management Lighting the Road With Efficiency and Safety ... READ MORE

November-December 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 12 / No.7 FEATURE ARTICLE Bring on the Heavy Hitters OTHER ARTICLES Power Without Interruption Maturation of the Organic Rankine Cycle “It’s a ‘Cogenerational’ Thing” The Ways of Warehouses and Other Large Facilities Back to the Future: Saving the Empire State and the Planet DEPARTMENTS The News and the ... READ MORE

September-October 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 12 / No.6 FEATURE ARTICLE Options for Emissions, Noise, and Fuel Handling OTHER ARTICLES Efficiency Is the Name of the Game Clean Energy Innovations Geothermal Moves From the Ground Up Improving Energy Efficiency in Hospitals and Health Care Facilities Options for Emissions, Noise, and Fuel Handling DEPARTMENTS Reader Profile: ... READ MORE

July-August 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 12 / No.5 FEATURE ARTICLE Integrated Thinking at the Hilton Foundation OTHER ARTICLES Islands in the Storms The Fine Art of Making Energy Visible Small but Powerful, Portable Energy Sources Public Sector Buildings Capitalize on Energy Efficiency US Navy Steams Ahead DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: The Efficiency Equation Reader Profile: ... READ MORE

June 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 12 / No.4 FEATURE ARTICLE Energy Management Strategies for HVAC OTHER ARTICLES Plugging the Energy Drain Be Prepared Innovations in Engines & Emissions Control Wind Power Holds Steady During Record-Breaking Polar Vortex Improved Energy Performance Equals Better Human Performance DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: Dancing With Buildings ShowCase Ad Index Reader ... READ MORE

May 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 12 / No.3 FEATURE ARTICLE Forecast for Lighting Efficiency: Mostly Sunny OTHER ARTICLES Smart Buildings Meet the Smart Grid New Frontiers in Energy Management A New Era of Energy Efficiency Demand Response Is Now Big Business DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: Energy Efficiency Two Ways Guest Commentary: Alleviate Your Energy Woes ... READ MORE

March-April 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 12 / No.2 FEATURE ARTICLE The Growing Demand for Emergency Backup Power OTHER ARTICLES Savings in Buildings in All Kinds of Weather Lighting With New Technologies Making Power Multitask With CHP/CCHP US Military Soldiering Up With Energy Efficiency and Renewables Implementation US Navy Steams Ahead DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: Power ... READ MORE

January-February 2014

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 12 / No.1 FEATURE ARTICLE A Penny Saved … OTHER ARTICLES A Sound Strategy for Peak Shaving and Power Security Your Savings Could Be in the Envelope New Ways to Manage Air Flow and Cooling for Data Centers Innovations in Energy Management DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: Construction, Equipment, Awareness, and ... READ MORE

November-December 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 11 / No.7 FEATURE ARTICLE Power Quality Chain of Command OTHER ARTICLES Bringing Onsite Power to Hospitals HVAC and BAS Approach Peak Efficiency Spinning to Win Bright Ideas The Next Phase for Distributed Energy DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments Ad Index Reader Profile: Timothy B. Janos ... READ MORE

September-October 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 11 / No.6 FEATURE ARTICLE Fuel Efficiency and Engine Options OTHER ARTICLES Hitting Tomorrow’s Target Overcoming Obstacles Lighting the Way to Efficiency The Lifeblood of the Operation DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments Guest Editorial Ad Index ShowCase Reader Profile ... READ MORE

July-August 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 11 / No.5 FEATURE ARTICLE High-Capacity Onsite Power Systems OTHER ARTICLES Saving, Not Speculation New Solutions for Old Problems Is CHP Gaining a Foothold in the US? Backup Technology Progress Water and Energy: A Crucial Conversation DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: How Do You Measure Up? Ad Index Reader Profile: James ... READ MORE

June 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 11 / No.6 FEATURE ARTICLE Smart Build OTHER ARTICLES A Storm, an Outage, and a Growing Realization Designed Redundancy Making the Move to Greater Efficiency Market Realities DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: Funding Research, Seizing Opportunity? Water-Energy Nexus: Energy Audits Guest Commentary: Building for Life ShowCase Ad Index Reader Profile: Eric ... READ MORE

May 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 11 / No.3 FEATURE ARTICLE Gensets for Critical Operations OTHER ARTICLES Illuminated Savings Distributed Zero-Energy? A Secure Solution Turbine Service MicroGrid’s Contribution to the Smart Grid DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: Incentives, Onsite Power, and Energy Efficiency ShowCase Ad Index Guest Commentary: Is Energy Conservation Retrofit, Renovation, or Conservation? ... READ MORE

March-April 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 11 / No.2 FEATURE ARTICLE Coming Into Their Own OTHER ARTICLES Prepping and Planning The Time Is Right for CHP Uptime Forever Testing and Measuring DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: An Overwhelming Voice UPS: Getting More Efficiency out of Your UPS System Smart Buildings: Efficient Lifts to Save Energy Guest Commentary: ... READ MORE

January-February 2013

| Start Reading IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 11 / No.1 FEATURE ARTICLE Climate Controlled OTHER ARTICLES Smart Grid Triple Play Instructional Efficiency Ensuring the Reliability Factor Automation and Demand Reduction Backup and Beyond DEPARTMENTS Editor’s Comments: The Revolution Will Be Energized Guest Editorial: Energy Efficiency Survey CHP: Improving Energy Efficiency ShowCase Ad Index Smart Grid: Guest ... READ MORE