Straight Talk Strategies for Environmental Compliance

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Straight Talk Strategies for Environmental Compliance
by Jennifer Hildebrand, MBA, CPESC, CPSWQ

Straight Talk shows us that compliance can achieve significant savings for the owner and big profits for the contractor. It makes the business case for how a profitable transition to environmental compliance for the construction and development industry can be achieved…Hildebrand’s refreshing and crystal-clear approach merits serious attention and has already won support across the regulatory and construction spectrum.

Ten simple, but necessary strategies for stormwater compliance: understandable and experience-based, combined with useful tips and explanations. Covers such topics as:

  • Know the rules
  • Do your homework
  • Agree to a SWPPP
  • PreCons: The “underutilized” tool of the century
  • Set a precedence for compliance
  • Keep your dirt on your site
  • Hazardous materials: This is not your mother’s construction site
  • Maintenance and documentation: Tell your story
  • Stabilize as you go
  • Tidy up and get out

Jennifer Hildebrand, MBA, CPESC, CPSWQ, has over two decades of experience in the construction, stormwater, and erosion industries. She specializes in environmental compliance and site plan strategies, inspection programs, and program design for the private sector and has worked to endure in-the-field compliance on hundreds of projects. In addition to her onsite work, she has led thousands of presentations and training sessions on compliance principals and specification techniques throughout the US and Canada.


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