Auburn Manufacturing, Inc.

Auburn Manufacturing, Inc.
Auburn Manufacturing, Inc.

Auburn Manufacturing, Inc (AMI) is the industry leader in the manufacture of high performance coated textiles and composite fabrics for extreme temperature applications.  We manufacture the widest range of versatile textile products for industrial maintenance, repair, operations and production applications, including pipe and hose coverings, removable pipe or valve insulation, gasketing and sealing, fire blankets, safety clothing, and welding protection fabrics.  Advanced weaving technologies, along with expertise in fibers, yarns, weaves and specialty coatings has made us the ‘go to’ extreme textile provider for a wide variety of high heat applications in nearly every industry.


AMI’s products protect people, equipment and facilities from extremely high heat in critical operations found in heat-intensive process industries such as oil/petrochemical refining and drilling facilities, steel and aluminum foundries, and power generating facilities. Super-heated steam and molten metal require super-protective materials to protect workers from burns; facilities from fire; while providing energy-saving protection wherever possible. AMI’s Ever Green® modular insulation composite materials are used in both the industrial and institutional retrofit construction markets to literally save tons of carbon emissions while cutting energy costs. Colleges, universities, hospitals, municipal, state, and federal facilities everywhere are reducing their carbon footprint and “greening up” by retrofitting their industrial piping and mechanical insulation systems with AMI’s Ever Green Cut ‘n Wrap insulation kits.
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