Modular Wetlands

Modular Wetlands
Modular Wetlands

The MWS Linear is the most efficient and versatile biofiltration system on the market, and the only stormwater biofilter using horizontal flow which improves performance, reduces footprint, and minimizes maintenance.

The MWS Linear was the first stormwater system or BMP to enter into Washington State’s Department of Ecology TAPE program and receive approval on its first attempt or application. The prestigious agency granted General Use Level Designation (GULD) for Basic (TSS), Enhanced (heavy metals—Zinc and Copper), and Total Phosphorus treatment regiments. In addition, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality assigned the MWS Linear, the highest phosphorus removal rating for manufactured treatment devices to meet the new Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) Technical Criteria.

WetPave is a combination of permeable pavers, a rock reservoir, containing an under drain, and a downstream biofiltration system capable of removing high levels of TSS, nutrients, metals, hydrocarbons, and bacteria. This advanced LID solution provides superior treatment over traditional space consuming bioretention or rain garden systems.

The WetPave maximizes buildable land with the use of permeable pavers to collect and store stormwater runoff under parking lots, driveways, streets or walkways. As runoff passes through the pavers and top layers TSS and other particulates are removed. Pretreated runoff is stored in the underlying rock reservoir which can be of various depths to meet volume reduction or control requirements. Within the reservoir an under drain system collects and transfers water into a downstream horizontal flow biofilter system known as the Modular Wetland. The Modular Wetand’s unique horizontal flow design allows it to collect runoff several feet below finish surface to maximize upstream storage volumes. The Modular Wetland slowly treats the passing runoff to remove stormwater contaminants. Runoff passing through the system is controlled by an internal orifice assembly. Drain down times can be set to meet state and local requirements. WetPave is the perfect way to meet LID, volume, and treatment requirements without giving up valuable land.

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