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The water a utility produces is clear, but visibility about what is occurring in your water distribution system is less so. The integrated line of STAR_select™ network, sensing, data analytic, and meter asset and data management tools bring clarity and control to a water utilities’ distribution system, setting the foundation for true Smart Infrastructure Solutions (SIS).

The core of this system is the STAR® network, a meter reading solution that delivers comprehensive usage data through a secure, long-range wireless network. The STAR network reduces on-site visits and estimated reads, facilitates time-of-use billing, and lowers non-revenue water losses.

Aclara’s hosted meter data management tool, STAR_prestigeTM, offers real time data analytics and tools such as water balancing, meter trending and right-sizing as well as accurate consumption and billing data for improved customer service.

Finally, the STAR ZoneScan acoustic leak-detection system reduces non-revenue water losses by developing critical water distribution system knowledge automatically and with minimum operator involvement.

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