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East Manufacturing Corp.

You can count on East to strike the ideal balance of strength and weight for optimum payload. These trailers stay on the job longer, reducing downtime and increasing profits. By incorporating the light weight and longer-lasting components into each and every trailer, East has earned the reputation of having higher resale value.

Take a look at the full line of East transfer trailers. Whatever your needs, you’ll find more of what you’re after.

We revolutionized refuse trailers with our smooth-side Genesis® design that customers tell us savesup to ½-mile per gallon compared to ribbed trailers. And the more aerodynamic design is easier to clean, and will not show any pings and dings on the outside like traditional external post walls. And, the outboard Genesis design provides more capacity than traditional external post trailers.

1871 State Route 44
P.O. Box 277
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East Manufacturing Corp.