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MTU Onsite Energy

MTU Onsite Energy
With expanding population and economic growth, there is a rising demand for energy. MTU Onsite Energy fulfills that need by providing products and services for cost-effective and reliable energy solutions.

MTU Onsite Energy is one of the core brands of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG which is a world-leading provider of high- and medium-speed diesel and gas engines, complete drive systems, distributed energy systems and fuel injection systems for the most demanding requirements.

In the event of a blackout, a reliable black start system is essential. Power must be supplied to the gas turbine’s  starting systems and controls. For a fast startup without using auxiliary power, count on MTU Onsite Energy black start diesel generator sets (BSDG).

Entire communities depend on gas turbines for their large power demands, both for electric power and heat. Whether for peaking or for continuous power, energy suppliers utilities and industry have trusted MTU Onsite Energy gas turbine systems for decades.

MTU Onsite Energy has vast gas turbine system expertise, with numerous installations in Germany and Spain. We’ve been providing gas turbine systems based on GE LM gas turbines for over 20 years. Our gas turbine systems produce up to 48 MW of electric power per unit. In addition to electric power, MTU Onsite Energy gas turbine systems can generate usable heat or process steam for combined heat and power (CHP) applications.

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MTU Onsite Energy
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