Pumps Operations in the Building Envelope

| Water flows downhill. Nothing could be more simple. Getting water to the top floor of an urban skyscraper is a bit more difficult. Mere gravity flow or even accumulated static pressure head aren't sufficient to accomplish this task. Pumps are obviously needed. But what kinds of pumps are used in commercial and industrial buildings? A building designer will have to examine a wide variety of different pumps and their various applications. ... READ MORE

Variables for Energy-Efficient Roofs

| Roof material choice is one area of building envelope design where significant efficiency can be found. Energy-efficient roofs have come a long way in recent years. Cost savings can be realized, and service life can be greatly extended with careful selection of a modern energy efficient roof. ... READ MORE

Building Envelope Efficiency: Understanding Fenestration

| Fenestration is defined as the arrangement of windows and doors on the elevations of a building, and can have a significant impact on building envelope efficiency. Ulrike Passe, associate professor of architecture, and director of Iowa State’s Center for Building Energy Research lists a building’s fenestration components as doors, windows, and skylights. “You need to seal every window and opening because that’s a critical factor for energy efficiency these days,” advises Passe. “The better the windows and doors, the more holistic the performance of the envelope.” ... READ MORE

The Threat of Legionnaire’s Disease

| In 1976 a pneumonia outbreak sickened 221 people and killed 34. The cause was a mystery that puzzled scientists for months. It was eventually traced to a bacterium that researchers named Legionella pneumophila because many of the affected individuals were members of the American Legion, exposed at a convention. Legionella is typically found in freshwater ... READ MORE

FREE Webinar! Designing Permeable Pavements for Heavy Loads & Lower Costs

| Permeable interlocking concrete pavers (PICP) have been performing in North Americafor well over 25 years. And when designed right…can support your heavy traffic loads, mitigate your stormwater, AND keep your costs low. Join Charles Taylor and Kevin Earley for a FREE webinar exploringPermeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement systems (e.g., components, design principles, benefits, etc.), and how ... READ MORE

20 Pacifica – Irvine Co / AMS Hybrid-Electric Building

| Irvine Company recently announced plans to have energy-storing battery systems – about the size of a few parking spaces – installed at many of its office properties, starting with 20 Pacifica, a 15-story office tower along I-405 in Irvine. The company is partnering with San Francisco-based Advanced Microgrid Solutions to install the systems portfolio-wide. Irvine ... READ MORE

Intus Windows Setting New Standard in Multifamily Window Performance

| WASHINGTON, DC – October 14, 2015 – Intus Windows, a leading manufacturer of super energy-efficient windows and doors, is setting a new standard in unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (U-PVC) window technology by bringing an affordable solution to the multifamily market with its Arcade line of high-performing windows. With multifamily construction at an 18-year high, according to ... READ MORE

Green Infrastructure

| Between managing your environmental footprint and meeting LEED requirements, going green is an ongoing challenge for facilities. Stormwater runoff and the resulting water quality issues are particularly challenging. But with all the options out there – from green roofs, to rain gardens, to bioswales – what green infrastructure BMPs work best for your facility (and ... READ MORE

Deadline Tomorrow, 8-14: Register Your Business for California’s New Stormwater Industrial General Permit

| The deadline to submit your information under the new California stormwater Industrial General Permit is tomorrow, Friday, August 14. Existing and new stormwater dischargers—including many that were exempt under the previous permit—are now required to provide their information. If your business fails to register by the close of business tomorrow (August 14), it faces significant ... READ MORE