Biogas and Cogeneration

| Biogas has been quietly serving as a fuel for combined heat and power (a.k.a. cogeneration) plants and as a revenue generator for waste treatment facilities, landfills, and dairies for some time, mainly in Europe. But it is becoming more popular here in the US as municipalities and utilities seek out energy cost reductions and base-load electricity sources. ... READ MORE

The Physics of CHP Cogeneration and Heat Engine Efficiency

| How does CHP work? To understand CHP you have to begin with the Carnot cycle, and how it describes the function and efficacy of any heat engine. The thermodynamic Carnot cycle (proposed by Nicolas Carnot in 1824) is a four-stage process that describes the reciprocal operations of a heat engine consisting of a piston in a cylinder, driven by a volume of confined gas that expands and contracts with temperature and applied heat. ... READ MORE

Cogen Case Study: Ronald McDonald House, New York City

| What began in 1974 as a Shamrock Shake-driven fundraiser to help families with sick children is today a network of 322 Ronald McDonald Houses in 57 countries. The first Ronald McDonald House (RMH), in Philadelphia, PA, was meant to serve as a "home away from home" for families spending time in the city for cancer treatment. ... READ MORE

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Webcast

| Are your critical facilities protected from outages? Join Anne Hampson to explore the opportunities in combined heat and power (CHP, aka cogeneration), its applications for critical facilities, and how you can assess and implement CHP systems at your facility to reduce your energy spend and secure your energy resiliency. This webcast is available on-demand. Register by ... READ MORE

Capstone Secures 2MW Order From Hungarian Distributor Regale Energy Zrt

| CHATSWORTH, Calif., Nov. 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Capstone Turbine Corporation ( (Nasdaq:CPST), the world’s leading clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, announced today that it received an order for two C1000 microturbines to provide combined heat and power (“CHP”) in Hungary. Regale Energy Zrt, Capstone’s Hungarian distributor, secured the order, which is expected ... READ MORE

Combined Heat and Power (CHP): Enabling Resilient Infrastructure for Critical Facilities Webinar

| At Forester University, our live webinars present you with the business energy experts, who share best management practices, informative project case studies, and real-world applications. Join our faculty of industry experts in our live webinar (or series of webinars) exploring the technological innovations, project site applications, and any associated regulatory requirements in a comprehensive discussion of this ... READ MORE

Bringing Onsite Power to Hospitals
– Part 3

| The Questions Cost, of course, is a big issue for hospitals today. The healthcare industry hasn’t suffered quite as much as have others during the country’s economic slowdown. But revenues are still down at many hospitals. Consumers can’t ignore a broken leg, of course. They’ll still need treatment for that. But they might skip elective ... READ MORE

Bringing Onsite Power to Hospitals
– Part 2

| The Benefits Abington Memorial already had 13 standby generators for emergency power, Szatkowski says. But the hospital couldn’t use those generators to produce its own power. Instead, the hospital was buying all of its power from the public grid. This was expensive. The hospital had already hired an engineering firm to recommend ways in which ... READ MORE

Bringing Onsite Power to Hospitals – Part 1

| The $10 million investment made sense, and would bring huge yearly energy savings to Abington Memorial Hospital in Abington, PA. And fortunately for Richard Szatkowski, corporate director of plant operations for the hospital, the members of his board of directors felt the same way. And because of that, the hospital last year opened its $10 ... READ MORE