Destination: Decarbonization

| According to scientific consensus, the future of climate stabilization depends upon the decarbonization of energy systems and the reduction of global greenhouse-gas emissions. The electrification of buildings, power industry researchers explain, is an important step on the path to decarbonization. A European study conducted by the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project indicates that immediate action is ... READ MORE

Onsite Generation and Energy Storage Solutions

| Data centers, hospitals, and manufacturers can’t lose power for even a minute. The same can be said for financial institutions. Unfortunately, public power infrastructure in cities across the United States is aging. And as it does, power failures are becoming more common. ... READ MORE

An Energy Equilibrium

| The current generation of corporate leaders will be the first held accountable—not only for the bottom-line, but also for the welfare of our planet. 30 years from now, no one will be able to argue that we did not know how climate change harmed our planet. Businesses currently have the power to deploy innovations to ... READ MORE

Mystery of the Silent Bell

| There’s a quiet bell at Oxford University that has been ringing non-stop for 175 years. It’s powered by a battery installed in 1840. According to the University, the Oxford Electric Bell rings as a clapper oscillates back and forth to contact a chime mechanism. It has rung an estimated 10 billion times and, as you ... READ MORE

Glasses Ready

| On August 21 areas of North America will experience daytime darkness as the sun is eclipsed by the moon. It’s a highly anticipated solar event, the likes of which North America hasn’t experienced since 1918. In order to learn about how the eclipse will affect the solar power industry, we reached out to Dr. Audrey ... READ MORE

Solar Eclipse Essentials

| Not only has the US become more energy dependent since the last total solar eclipse took place in 1979, its energy infrastructure has become increasingly reliant on solar energy. So what will happen on August 21st when the sun is temporarily obscured by the moon? According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the solar industry ... READ MORE

New York’s Darkest Hours Were Catalysts for Change

| Thursday, July 13th was the fortieth anniversary of a dark day—the 1977 electricity blackout that left New York City without power and forever changed the US energy landscape. The 25-hour collapse began with a series of three lightning strikes and resulted in the domino-effect breakdown of power distribution across the city. The first lightning strike ... READ MORE

Building Design with Sea Rise in Mind

| There’s an unusual occupant in the penthouse suite of many Manhattan high-rise buildings today. It’s not America’s wealthy elite or mice with multi-million dollar views. The premium, top-floor space is increasingly occupied by emergency generators meant to sustain building residents when disaster strikes. “Along coastlines and lake shores and riverfronts across the country,” David Dunlapjan ... READ MORE

The Growing Demand for Emergency Backup Power

| Colocation and cloud-computing company LightEdge Solutions has succeeded in the data center business largely because of one key reason: The company’s data centers are reliable. The power at these centers never goes out. ... READ MORE

Demand Shift Solutions

| The volume of electricity needed at any moment in time is at best unpredictable. While electric utility planners do their best to estimate and model load levels in order to provide ample quantities of energy when equipment powers on, the cost of maintaining energy reserves is high. This expense is passed on to the business ... READ MORE