“Policies Will Be the Game-Changers”

| At this year’s HOMER International Microgrid Conference, industry leaders and policy makers will gather to develop goals, financial models, and policy objectives that help drive the industry forward. Distributed Energy magazine is proud to co-present this enriching event. Jon Wellinghoff, CEO and founder of GridPolicy Inc., is one of the conference’s highly anticipated keynote speakers. ... READ MORE

Electrifying an Island

| On the morning of April 17, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) announced that less than 3% of its customers were without power—a small victory in the wake of Hurricane Maria. It seemed as if the island had entered the final restoration phase following the largest power failure in US history. And then the ... READ MORE

Onsite Generation and Energy Storage Solutions

| Data centers, hospitals, and manufacturers can’t lose power for even a minute. The same can be said for financial institutions. Unfortunately, public power infrastructure in cities across the United States is aging. And as it does, power failures are becoming more common. ... READ MORE

Uncharted Territory

| Portolan sailing charts are navigational maps based on the observations of the early explorers. They are incredibly detailed, well-surveyed, and beautiful. I learned recently that their origin can be traced to 1270, when King Louis and his fleet were blown off course as they sailed to Tunis. The king demanded to know their location, so ... READ MORE

A Lasting Impression

| You’ve seen her enigmatic smile. It allures, engages, and seems to interact with those standing before her. The Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci’s sixteenth-century masterpiece, appears more alive than any other portrait. In fact, some believe that by integrating elements of anatomy, chemistry, and optics into his artistic process, Leonardo da Vinci created the first augmented reality experience centuries before the concept existed. ... READ MORE

What Every Digital Desert City Needs

| Before we close the books on 2017, let’s revisit Distributed Energy’s top posts for the year. This blog post received more comments than any other blog post published in 2017. Brains, Brawn, and Bill Gates Automation software, customizable networks, and data collection create energy savings. Building energy costs are a significant expenditure for businesses and the public building ... READ MORE

Capturing Carbon

| Could power production benefit the environment? A handful of innovative companies are betting on it by pairing technologies that could help the climate recover from the edge of catastrophe. One of the technologies, called direct-air capture, involves extracting carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air. When paired with an additional injection process called CarbFix, the CO2 ... READ MORE

A Silver Lining After the Storm

| The images of Hurricane Maria’s aftermath in Puerto Rico are shocking—trees stripped of their foliage, splintered buildings, drowned cattle, and the twisted remnants of cars. The destruction is unfathomable. When the hurricane’s winds and torrential rains hit the US territory on September 20, they not only destroyed buildings and flooded the island; they knocked out ... READ MORE

Microgrid Technology to Improve Energy Security and Sustainablity

| Nearly 25 years ago, Caterpillar opened a proving ground about 30 miles southwest of Tucson, AZ. The facility consists of large open-air test areas, where Caterpillar conducts field trials of many of its large mining equipment before being brought to market. The proving ground site also includes workshops and an office building. The Green Valley area outside of ... READ MORE