District Heating and Cooling Systems

| Originating in the 19th century, district heating and cooling (DHC) systems today are taking advantage of new technologies to provide the energy efficiency and thermal flexibility needed in 21st century applications. ... READ MORE

Capturing CO2 in Coal Country

| Wyoming is the nation’s top coal-producing state. According to the US Energy Information Administration’s 2016 statistics, it provides 40% of all coal mined in the US. And the state’s Republican governor is on a mission to limit carbon emissions, a plan that makes many in coal country uncomfortable. Governor Matt Mead (R) believes that carbon ... READ MORE

How Will Rick Perry Shape the Department of Energy?

| President-elect Trump recently announced his intention to nominate Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas, to serve as secretary of energy. “My administration is going to make sure we take advantage of our huge natural resource deposits to make America energy independent and create vast new wealth for our nation, and Rick Perry is going ... READ MORE

Engine Block Heaters: Quick Starts for Standby Power

| Typically they don’t land on the desk of top decision-makers or lend themselves to innovative applications. Andy Rudderham, vice president of sales for Total Systems Ltd. in Mississauga, ON, says equipment dealers and genset packagers are the only ones likely to get fired up about them. But whether you call them block heaters, water jacket heaters, or engine preheaters, they’re essential to getting diesel-fueled gensets up-and-running at full power in the 10 seconds that are standard for emergency power applications. ... READ MORE

Praise From Abroad That Holds a Heady Challenge

| Last week I received an editorial submission containing a statement by EU technology giant ABB’s Global CEO, Ulrich Spiesshfer that I found exhilarating, both in terms of its overt message as to the US status among nations as a technological leader, and what I perceive to be a reminder that the world needs us to ... READ MORE

Biofuel Flies the Friendly Skies

| For a wingless species, we fly a lot. With astonishing speed, we’re transported from one corner of the world to another. Air travel is both a luxury and a necessity in today’s global economy. But it comes at an environmental price. Commercial aviation is detrimental to the environment not only because it releases large amounts ... READ MORE

Financing the Fundamental

| Infrastructure matters to each of us. Its underlying support is vital to our economy, our quality of life, our safety, and our communities. From roads and bridges, to rails, ports, pipes, the power grid, and broadband, America’s infrastructure is the foundation for every aspect of our daily lives. And that foundation is in need of ... READ MORE

RNRG’s CMS System TurbinePhD Installed at Grant County Wind Farm

| Hinesburg, VT, USA, April 13th 2016 – RNRG has announced today that the site-wide installation of its “TurbinePhD” condition monitoring systems has been completed at the 21 MW Grant County Wind Farm in Minnesota, USA. Originally constructed in 2010 and owned by Aspenall Energies, the project is composed of ten 2.1MW Suzlon S88 wind turbines. ... READ MORE

California Energy Commission Approves Window Film Calculator for Use in Schools

| An online tool calculates energy efficiency of window film The California Energy Commission (CEC) recently approved a new Window Film Savings Calculator designed by the International Window Film Association for use by local educational agencies to determine whether a window film installation project qualifies for funding under Proposition 39 for energy efficiency upgrades to educational ... READ MORE