Boiler Operation and Maintenance Basics

| Boilers have been at the heart of the industrial revolution since the invention of the steam engine by James Watt back in the 18th century. Essentially like a giant tea kettle, they are vessels in which water is heated, flashed to steam, and then extracted to perform useful work. However, instead of using steam to drive a piston, turn a generator, or perform any other kind of mechanical work, a building’s boiler system uses the heat created by the steam it generates to provide heat and a comfortable working environment for the building’s inhabitants. ... READ MORE

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing and Maintenance

| It didn’t take long for the much-heralded Google Glass to become the butt of jokes from talk show hosts. But Google’s failed consumer product is enjoying new life in the manufacturing world, boosting the efficiency and accuracy of workers that are responsible for heavy equipment. ... READ MORE

Get Organized: A Look at Comprehensive Tool Tracking

| Sponsored Content If you’re like most contractors, you’ve invested a lot of money to ensure that your teams have the required tools for completing jobs. However, despite these large investments in tool assets, you might not be tracking their usage and location like you do with your big machinery. We get it—you understand it’s important ... READ MORE

Augmented Reality: A Service Solution?

| It’s a nightmare scenario: your generator won’t start at a critical moment. You check the fuel. You test the spark plugs. Could it be a clogged carburetor? You call the service contractor but they won’t be there for hours. What do you do? Instead of reading the manual and rolling up your sleeves, today you ... READ MORE

Building Commissioners

| Take Andrew Heitman’s tale of a four-story office building. A client hired Heitman, a commissioning agent and the owner of Pensacola, FL-based Building Energy Sciences LLC, to figure out why the new building used energy at a rate of $32,000 per month when similar buildings in the client’s portfolio cost just $12,000 per month to operate. What was wrong? ... READ MORE

DC Area Community College STEM Students to Gain Access to Opportunities and Mentors

| SANTA CRUZ, CA— The Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics & Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) will celebrate the role of community colleges in preparing minority students for STEM careers at Community College Day. Community College Day is a key event at the 2015 SACNAS Diversity in STEM Conference – the nation’s largest STEM diversity meeting ... READ MORE

Making Space for the Competition

| A couple of weeks ago I received an announcement that includes a term I had not heard before: intrapreneurship. Are you familiar with this concept? If not here are a couple of quotes to whet your palate: “Research shows that securing ‘space for play and creativity’ is a key component in a leadership approach that ... READ MORE