Geothermal Heat Pump Technology

| Although mankind and nature can seem to be at odds with each other, sometimes human intervention is needed to protect and maintain the beauty and utility of the natural world—and human inventions can help keep new development sustainable. ... READ MORE

Geothermal Moves From the Ground Up – Part 1

| Editor’s note: This article first appeared in the March/April 2015 edition of Business Energy. Caves aren’t really cold, but they aren’t really warm either. In a nutshell, that explains a bit about how geothermal systems derive their energy. For anyone who has gone caving or simply visited one of the many stunning caverns throughout this country, ... READ MORE

Modine’s Enhanced Geothermal Heat Pumps

| Modine’s geothermal systems now offer an enhanced control platform. The robust controller has served the manufacturer’s school systems and commercial ventilation product lines for more than a decade. All Modine geothermal systems – from 1.5 tons to 12 tons – now feature the proven Modine Control System, providing quick start-up, easy safety device wiring, multiple ... READ MORE

Geothermal Moves From the Ground Up
– Part 3

| Good Fit for Commercial Uses Though commercial ground source geothermal is not the largest percentage of their business, AAON Heating and Cooling Products is quite versatile in being able to adapt any of their many systems to ground source geothermal installations. They typically do units for retail establishments, commercial systems, and schools—a lot of rooftop ... READ MORE

Geothermal Moves From the Ground Up – Part 2

| An open-loop well is very much the same as a standing column. The only difference is that the open loop can be used in more applications, though it is the most common with the standing column scenario. With an open-loop well, water can be pumped from one well and returned to another, making this a ... READ MORE