Hopes Fade in Congress for Energy Reform

| Hopes are fading that Congress can pass a broad energy bill before the year ends. Article by Devin Henry and Timothy Cama Leaders of energy committees in the House and Senate made it a top priority this session to pass the first major energy overhaul since 2007. By setting their sights low and avoiding hot-button ... READ MORE

Project Profile: Remote Power Times Three

| Chicago is a vibrant midwestern city where activities, events, and things to do are always abundant. Last mid-September, the convergence of three major sporting events on one weekend—the BMW Championship, the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Chicago, and the NASCAR Sprint Cup—not only supplied residents and visitors with copious options for their spare time, but also challenged the local Caterpillar rental company to supply power to all of them simultaneously. ... READ MORE

White Paper: Commercial vs. Industrial UPS

| Online Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) with capacities of 5 to 150 kVA have been available for almost 40 years, and the market continues to grow at a 12% annual rate as businesses and the industry become more dependent on the continuous flow of clean, reliable power. ... READ MORE

When Are Lighting Controls Cost Effective?

| Introduction It really depends on your definition of cost effective. If you just look at saving energy with many of currently available, very efficient, and low-wattage LED products, you may find that the answer is often, “no.” This includes many applications where controls were cost effective, saving energy with previous LED products, and even high-performance legacy ... READ MORE

Aesthetics and Energy Efficiency

| Nearly a century ago, legislation enacted by President Woodrow Wilson founded a basic training facility for American soldiers preparing for World War I. Named Camp Benning, the post was located just outside the capital city of Columbus, GA. Following the Armistice, the post was renamed Fort Benning in 1922. But this was just the first ... READ MORE

Mobile Electronics Could Be Charged by Footsteps

| Newswise — MADISON, Wis. — When you’re on the go and your smartphone battery is low, in the not-so-distant future you could charge it simply by plugging it into your shoe. An innovative energy harvesting and storage technology developed by University of Wisconsin–Madison mechanical engineers could reduce our reliance on the batteries in our mobile ... READ MORE

Beyond Technology: Why The Energy Transition Needs Social Science

| Editor’s note: Jennie C. Stephens is a professor of sustainability science and policy at the University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources and the School of Engineering. The following guest blog is based on a presentation she gave at a two-day workshop on electricity in rural and islanded communities, sponsored by the ... READ MORE

The Top 10 most significant US Blackouts of 2015

| From a utility-mandated cut in the midst of a heat wave, to aging infrastructure, to the unwelcome effects of El Nino, power outages were responsible for wreaking havoc in the lives of millions of electricity customers across the nation in 2015. Here, we round up some of the most devastating events: 1. Gone with the ... READ MORE

Engine Block Heaters: Quick Starts for Standby Power

| Typically they don't land on the desk of top decision-makers or lend themselves to innovative applications. Andy Rudderham, vice president of sales for Total Systems Ltd. in Mississauga, ON, says equipment dealers and gen set packagers are the only ones likely to get fired up about them. But whether you call them block heaters, water jacket heaters, or engine preheaters, they're essential to getting diesel-fueled gen sets up and running at full power in the 10 seconds that are standard for emergency pow... ... READ MORE

Paris: Promises and Problems

| As the global climate conference kicks off in Paris, it’s clear that renewable energy sources are a hot topic. Bill Gates announced an energy research initiative compiling billions of dollars from private investors to universities aimed at reducing the cost of solar and wind energy production. In technology, we’ve seen the effect of “Moore’s Law” ... READ MORE