Energy Policies at the Polls

| Renewable energy emerged as a theme in the recent 2018 US midterm elections, with four ballot initiatives addressing power production in western states that could impact the energy sector nationwide. A carbon-fee proposal in Washington State would have created funding for investments in clean energy and pollution programs had it passed. An unsuccessful Colorado initiative proposed ... READ MORE

Going with the Flow

| In recent years, tidal power has emerged as a source of renewable energy. Tidal energy is more expensive than traditional resources such as wind energy. However, tidal energy is clean, pollution-free, reliable, and predictable. The major downside is the potential for environmental change, such as damage to marine or shoreline ecosystems—and especially to their fish ... READ MORE

Renewables and Resilience

| North Carolina receives 4.6% of its electricity from solar farms. The state is second only to California for installed solar capacity. And in the face of weather events, it appears that solar generation may have enhanced its resiliency. When Hurricane Florence made landfall on September 14, the storm’s torrential rains and severe winds wreaked havoc on ... READ MORE

A Golden Sandwich

| Gold is an extraordinary element. Its illuminating luster has, throughout history, been associated with prestige and opulence. Homer, in The Illiad and The Odyssey, referred to gold as the “glory of immortals and a sign of wealth among ordinary people.” Chemically, gold is a transition metal known for its malleability and low reactivity. Recently, scientists ... READ MORE

Green Goals for the Golden State

| California has taken steps on the path to clean energy lately. Last week, the state Assembly passed legislation that would set a target to eliminate carbon emissions from California’s energy generation profile. If signed into law by Governor Brown, the bill, S.B. 100, creates a clean energy goal, mandating that 100% of retail energy sales ... READ MORE

Wind Energy’s Inertia

| Today, wind turbines spin gracefully across the California desert; they tower over Iowa cornfields, and stand watch off coastal waters. Wind power is emerging as an increasingly viable power source. The domestic US market for offshore wind has gained momentum recently due to both declining costs and supportive policies. Current laws in several northeastern states ... READ MORE

Kilowatts from Kelp

| Seaweed is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth.  It stretches from the seafloor to the surface at an astonishing rate of two to three feet a day. And scientists believe that someday this quick-growing resource could provide a significant source of power.   The US Department of Energy (DOE) has recently invested in seaweed-to-fuel ... READ MORE

The Energy Industry’s Power Word:

| Latin America is amidst a renewable energy revolution. The influx in investment has changed the energy landscape from Mexico’s northern border to the southernmost tip of South America, supplying the grid with ever-increasing sources of energía renovable.  According to a 2016 report by the International Renewable Energy Agency: since 2004, renewable energy investment in Latin ... READ MORE

When Red Turns Green

| As clean energy development gains momentum across the United States, some surprising front-runners are emerging in the race for renewable energy leadership—traditionally red states like Iowa and Wyoming. A recent study by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) highlights state-by-state successes in advancing clean energy. The rankings used a dozen metrics in three primary areas ... READ MORE