Regulating Animal Feeding Operations: A New Attempt

| They say optimism is seeing the glass half full. They also say one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. You can decide for yourself whether 35 of the country’s environmental groups are optimistic or crazy, but they’re trying something that has been tried before, and ... READ MORE

9 Benefits of Compost Blankets for Erosion and Sediment Control Projects

| Although still considered relatively unknown in certain regions of North America, the use of compost in erosion and sediment control has been a very successful landscaping practice for over 25 years. Compost blankets (the application of a layer of compost on hill slopes), compost berms, and compost filter socks are incredibly effective, enhance the long-term ... READ MORE

Hydroseeding to Amend Soil (Part 2)

| Hydroseeding plays an important role in both erosion control plans and stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs.) In this article, we learn how the stakeholders were able to merge the construction and restoration contractors’ tasks together to create a seamless transition into restoration activities. ... READ MORE

Advancements in Geotextiles and Silt Fence Sediment Control

| In Part 4 of the concluding series about sediment and erosion control products and site-based applications, Erosion Control author Linda Robinson researches a Tennessee highway widening project to present the latest sediment control methods utilized at construction sites. ... READ MORE

Silt Fence Applications in Separating Contaminated Sediments

| In Part 3 of this continuing series about sediment and erosion control, author Linda Robinson discusses the importance of preventing contaminated sediment from entering a Lake Michigan tributary with stormwater runoff. The silt fence and other sediment and erosion control devices showcase best management practices during major dredging operations of contaminated soil in an effort ... READ MORE

Designing Effective Sediment Basins and Traps

| At Forester University, our live webinars present you with the sediment control experts, who share best management practices, informative project case studies, and real-world applications. Join our faculty of industry experts in our live webinar (or series of webinars) exploring the technological innovations, project site applications, and any associated regulatory requirements in a comprehensive discussion of ... READ MORE

Putting the Brakes on Silt – Part 5

| Dan Neaton’s company, Neaton Brothers Erosion Control in Mayer, MN, uses a variety of methods for sediment and erosion control. One of the company’s current jobs is providing perimeter control for a large bypass construction job on State Highway 23 in Paynesville, MN. The job began in spring 2010 and is expected to be a three-year project requiring about 25,000 linear feet of silt fence. The job site encompasses a spawning creek and some wetlands. ... READ MORE

Putting the Brakes on Silt – Part 4

| The company has been doing a lot of resurfacing projects recently, protecting nearby wetlands and other environmentally sensitive areas. “We focus more on county roads with limited traffic where we’re putting silt fence along the side of the road so the paving operation isn’t washing into any adjacent waterway.” Using the tommy in conjunction with ... READ MORE

Putting the Brakes on Silt – Part 3

| Higgs often uses different types of silt fence in his work. He obtains it from  GETSco, which manufactures a full line of DOT and non-DOT silt fence with custom printing. The company also carries SiltShield. “It’s an ‘everything at once’ type of situation,” Higgs says of his work. “It’s very seasonal. It’s a very weather-driven ... READ MORE

Putting the Brakes on Silt – Part 2

| “For years, a crew would have to come out to a job site and install SiltSoxx in the field with big blower trucks,” says Zock. “Some people didn’t like that, and sometimes it was hard to get scheduled. That’s all changed.” Filtrexx still has professionally certified teams all over the United States doing advanced applications ... READ MORE