Do More With Less

| In our ever increasing efforts to control, maintain, and manage our solid waste, one main strategy has been to avoid making waste whenever and wherever possible. Part of that is placing a greater emphasis on sustainability. Recently, Volvo Construction Equipment has laid out six sustainable building materials that we could be using in the future ... READ MORE

MSW Management Looks Ahead to 2019

| As we look forward in 2019, change is in the air. First, in case you missed it, MSW Management and our sister publications were acquired by Endeavor  Business Media last month.  We’re excited to be a part of the Endeavor Business Media family, and our team will continue to bring you the quality content and events ... READ MORE

You May Be At Risk

| Like most boys growing up, one of the chores my brother and I were tasked with was the weekly ritual of “taking out the garbage.” Back then, it would entail toting out black Hefty bags from the garage to the curb. More often than not, my brother and I would forget about garbage day until ... READ MORE

Meet Leachate and Wastewater Experts at WASTECON® 2018

| August 15, 2018 Managing landfill leachate is increasingly challenging and costly. SCS Engineers has arranged to provide you with the opportunity to meet with leachate and wastewater experts at the SCS Engineers booth 604 during WASTECON’s exhibit hours. The leachate treatment experts will provide you with the opportunity to discuss the issues and challenges at your landfill’s ... READ MORE

Six Great Reasons to Come to Nashville

| By next weekend, most of the SWANA staff, your board representatives and chapter officers, and up to 2,000 other solid waste professionals will be gathering in Nashville for WASTECON and co-sited events. Will you be among them? If you have already made your travel arrangements and registered for WASTECON—thank you! We look forward to seeing ... READ MORE

New Report Analyzes Residential Yard Waste Collection Processes

| Silver Spring, MD – A new report issued by the Solid Waste Association of North America’s (SWANA) Applied Research Foundation (ARF) documents the collection of yard waste, analyzing schedules, processes, and costs, while looking for opportunities to improve efficiency and mitigate risks. The report, “Service Options for the Curbside Collection of Residential Yard Waste,” used ... READ MORE

Call for Media to Register for Environmental Conference

| WASTECON in Nashville to Attract Hundreds of Waste & Recycling Leaders The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), invites environmental media to participate in WASTECON, SWANA’s largest conference helping solid waste leaders plan a sustainable future for their communities, taking place in Nashville, Tennessee from August 20-23, 2018. Members of the press receive exclusive ... READ MORE

Remove Landfill Air Space With Wheels and Teeth

| Location is Everything In Montezuma County, located in the southwest corner of Colorado, the local county landfill is well positioned for business in this area that is suitably named, “Four Corners.” Along with the Colorado trash, customers bring in solid waste from three adjacent states of Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona, making the daily average of incoming waste about 100 tons. ... READ MORE