How Utilities Can Communicate the Benefits of AMI to Customers

| Smart meters enable demand-response and time-of-use pricing schedules, as well as improved distribution system performance. Proponents say they promote increased efficiency, but skeptics raise concerns about privacy, health, and cost. Some customers choose to pay a premium to opt out of updates, preferring their traditional analog meters. ... READ MORE

Water Demand Management

| Mni wiconi is Lakota for "water is life." The phrase articulates a fundamental truth. Our lives depend on water. Planning to meet and manage demand is essential. ... READ MORE

Tools of the Trade

| As many of you know, one of my favorite books is a collection of poems called Odes to Common Things. In it, Pablo Neruda writes about ordinary objects that we often take for granted. In “Ode to my Socks,” he outlines the fundamentals of comfort. He analyzes a universe of aromatics in “Ode to a ... READ MORE

Aclara Provides Next-Generation Advanced Metering Infrastructure Network and Installation Services to DC Water

| ST. LOUIS, June 12, 2017 – Aclara, a leading provider of smart infrastructure solutions (SIS) to approximately 800 water, gas, and electric utilities worldwide, has been engaged by DC Water to provide a next-generation advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network and will also install smart water meters in connection with a major city-wide system upgrade. In ... READ MORE

How Smart Meters and Acoustic Sensors Limit Non-revenue Water Loss

| The town of Olds in Alberta, Canada, faced a daunting task. The public works and utilities department, serving the town of approximately 8,000, set out in 2007 to decrease the municipality's total water usage by 10% by January 2017, using the amount of water it consumed in 2006 as a baseline. ... READ MORE

Crime Stopper: Water Meters and Magnets

| How do you protect your meter network from losing its measuring capability? One option to improve and protect measure devices like dry-dial water meters is to use passive magnetic field indicators to detect the action of a strong magnetic field primarily coming from neodymium magnets. ... READ MORE

AMI/AMR Benefits Utilities and Customers

| The upgrade that American Water is now undertaking is no small matter. But the change that the company is rolling out now in a pilot program will allow its meter readers to more easily discover possible leaks, uncover meters that have been tampered with, and identify unusual flow activity for business and residential customers. That's significant. American Water doesn't serve a small area. Based in Voorhees, NJ, the company provides drinking and wastewater services to an estimated 14 milli... ... READ MORE

Wet Data: The Need for Accurate Numbers

| We have a water problem. Globally, 28% of water delivered by utilities is lost due to leaks, inaccurate usage measurement, and theft. In some countries, non-revenue water rates exceed 50%. In America, water infrastructure needs to increase its efficiency—and much of that improvement begins with accurate measurements. “We are operating blind,” writes Michael E. Webber ... READ MORE

Integrating AMI and MDM: A Worthwhile Venture?

| As more and more water utilities migrate from automatic meter reading (AMR) technology to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology—or go directly to AMI—the opportunity to also introduce a meter data management (MDM) system presents itself. ... READ MORE