Reader Profile: Mardi Ditze

| With renewables gaining momentum, sectors such as the government need to continue to find ways to promote new renewables through creative contracting like aggregation structures or supporting policy for renewable development, notes Mardi Ditze, senior energy analyst for the City of Philadelphia. “Rooftop solar and geothermal have made recent advances with Hawaii, Arizona, and California ... READ MORE

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Clean Peak Standard

| In March of 2018, clean energy advocates in Massachusetts were pushing for a few key priorities: increasing the RPS, extending net metering caps (again), pushing back on aggressive utility proposals for monthly reliability charges for solar energy, and establishing more ambitious long-term goals for energy storage. In the middle of these efforts, Republican Governor Charlie ... READ MORE

Avoiding a Costly Failure

| When power plant operators consider implementing a preventative maintenance program in order to keep their equipment up and running reliably, far too often the non-segregated bus duct is overlooked. The system does not have any moving parts. For this reason, most do not provide the system with necessary maintenance during routine outages. Major equipment is ... READ MORE

Interactivity and Efficiency

| With a constantly growing emphasis on green technology and reduced energy consumption, the future of building automation controls will focus on giving building owners and managers a technology-driven, hands-on approach to managing facilities and monitoring consumption. Building and facility managers are constantly looking to reduce energy consumption and operating costs, which can be realized by ... READ MORE

Achieving Unprecedented Efficiency

| Technological advances in turbines are underscoring performance improvements, leading to increasingly reliable, efficient, and safe equipment. “The technology advances we see are mostly on safety and monitoring such as electronic trip systems and electronic speed governors,” notes Christiann Bash, spokesperson for Elliott Group. Recent design upgrades have added to reliability and safety and meet safety integrity level ... READ MORE

The Next Generation of Portable Generation

| The demand for portable generators is on the rise. In the industrial category, portable generators can be used in construction and drilling, and at mining sites where uninterrupted electric power is needed but the grid is not accessible—particularly in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, despite the fact that some countries and regions have imposed ... READ MORE

A Wall of Sound

| For those of us who are old enough to remember the early days of rock-and-roll, there was an audio technique and music production formula used to make the big hits of the era—the “wall of sound.” The idea was to channel the various frequencies and volumes of the various voice and instrument tracks to make ... READ MORE

Cogeneration at the Core

| The push for distributed energy resources, particularly in California and New York, is stimulating market opportunities for cogeneration, also known as combined heat and power. The markets for clients interested in buying cogeneration systems, however, have not changed, according to Jim Crouse, Capstone Turbine’s executive vice president for sales and marketing. Now, clients are becoming more aware ... READ MORE