Reader Profile: Richard Dunbar

| As an erosion control specialist, Richard Dunbar has spent decades being among the first on the scene of a new development and then arrives to mitigate disasters that may occur on established development. “Doing erosion control, we’re usually the first in on the project before the grading starts, so our job is to keep the ... READ MORE

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| Express Blower Express Blower has received Tier 4 Final certification per EPA/EU/CARB standards on its self-contained machines, which include models TM-45MD, TM-45HD, TM-70MD, TM-70HD, and the compact SKHD. The John Deere PowerTech PSS 6.8L engine powers the MD (Medium Duty) models, while the HD (Heavy Duty) machines use the John Deere PowerTech PSS 9.0L engine. ... READ MORE

Geosynthetics in Motion

| Several tributaries bring water to the main stem of San Luis Obispo Creek, which flows right through the middle of downtown San Luis Obispo, CA. With a population of close to 50,000 residents, the San Luis Obispo Creek watershed covers approximately 84 square miles. Also located in the city is Laguna Lake, a natural feature ... READ MORE

Choosing the Right Machine

| Fertilizer, seed, mulch, tackifier: All are important parts of a hydroseeding or hydromulching task. Poor-quality ingredients or inexpert application of any of these threatens the success of a project. But another big component of a hydromulching project is the equipment. Choosing the right equipment to complete a project is crucial to the success of the ... READ MORE

Revegetating With Soil Amendments and Native Seed

| Both natural events and those caused by human activity can cause extreme and far-reaching disturbances to our ecosystems. Mitigation is often required to restore and revegetate natural plant communities if we hope to stabilize them. Recreation has caused an increase in human activity in many areas, increasing the demand for the resources necessary for corrective ... READ MORE

Challenges and Opportunities in Maintaining Lake Erie’s Maritime Highways

| As the restless spirit overtook American colonists to push west for land, the harbors of the Great Lakes were a welcoming landscape. Here lay the potential to expand their dreams of a flourishing commerce—to export the bounty of prosperous farms and products of fledgling industry. This possibility was enhanced with the extensive canal and rail ... READ MORE

Editor’s Comments: New Ways to Pay

| At this time last year, we here in southern California had no inkling that the Thomas Fire—until recently the state’s largest, ultimately burning its way through more than 280,000 acres—was just around the corner. It started in early December 2017, burned for more than a month, destroyed more than a thousand structures as well as ... READ MORE

Reader Profile: Robin Welter

| With drought, sea level rise, and other challenges, green infrastructure “is going to become more evident in streetscape designs around the city. A large part of it is educating the public about the design intent,” notes Robin Welter, a California licensed landscape architect for San Francisco Public Works. “It’s not just a pretty basin full of flowers. There’s a technical function to these basins. That’s what’s really interesting.” As one of 20 staff landscape architects and designers, Welter designs landscape improvements for urban public spaces, parkways, recreational areas, and city parks with a green infrastructure focus. She says she seeks to alleviate stormwater runoff, “getting it to follow a more natural process to mitigate or minimize the erosion around the city, especially around the coast. We’re finding more beaches are starting to erode away at a much faster rate due to erosion and climate change. As sea levels rise, it’s going to become more of a critical component in every design.” Welter has worked in both the private and public sectors, noting that project sizes and budgets are different. “In the private sector, you tend to get closer to your clients than you do with the public, but you’re also striving for the same design goals,” she says. “In private, you can flex your design skills a little bit more because it isn’t as regulated as it can be in the public sector, but then that’s the fun part of the public sector: the challenge to accomplish that within budget and per code.” ... READ MORE

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