On the Level

| In an earlier time, developers built on properties that were easy to develop, notes Matt ­Barron, owner of Hardscape Construction. “Those properties had good soils and did not have a lot of grade change. As builders are challenged to build closer to the city now, they find themselves with increased development costs because of the ... READ MORE

Keeping Sediment Under Control

| Today, the economic doldrums that began from the financial collapse a decade ago are unpleasant history that many hope to forget, as today’s building boom is busier than ever. While nearly every market sector imploded a decade ago—especially construction—a June 2018 US News and World Report article says construction is not just in high demand, but that ... READ MORE

Restoring the Lake Erie Shore

| By the end of the 19th century, Americans were enjoying the benefits of shorter work hours and new technologies. The cultural overhaul included the popularity of outdoor exercise and fresh air, and that sparked the advent of amusement parks, beach bathing, and other outdoor entertainments. Typically situated on lake or ocean shores, with access by ... READ MORE

Just Add Water (and Seed and Nutrients)

| Construction can lead to depleted soils because of the time that soil stays piled up on a site. Some soils are not good to start with because of lack of organic matter or nutrients. Others have poor texture, such as very sandy or heavy clay, which will not easily support vegetation. If your project involves ... READ MORE

Geosynthetics in Motion

| Several tributaries bring water to the main stem of San Luis Obispo Creek, which flows right through the middle of downtown San Luis Obispo, CA. With a population of close to 50,000 residents, the San Luis Obispo Creek watershed covers approximately 84 square miles. Also located in the city is Laguna Lake, a natural feature ... READ MORE

Choosing the Right Machine

| Fertilizer, seed, mulch, tackifier: All are important parts of a hydroseeding or hydromulching task. Poor-quality ingredients or inexpert application of any of these threatens the success of a project. But another big component of a hydromulching project is the equipment. Choosing the right equipment to complete a project is crucial to the success of the ... READ MORE

Revegetating With Soil Amendments and Native Seed

| Both natural events and those caused by human activity can cause extreme and far-reaching disturbances to our ecosystems. Mitigation is often required to restore and revegetate natural plant communities if we hope to stabilize them. Recreation has caused an increase in human activity in many areas, increasing the demand for the resources necessary for corrective ... READ MORE

Challenges and Opportunities in Maintaining Lake Erie’s Maritime Highways

| As the restless spirit overtook American colonists to push west for land, the harbors of the Great Lakes were a welcoming landscape. Here lay the potential to expand their dreams of a flourishing commerce—to export the bounty of prosperous farms and products of fledgling industry. This possibility was enhanced with the extensive canal and rail ... READ MORE

Clearing the Way

| “In California, in the Bay area, treatment is everything,” says Kelly Rogers, general superintendent of offsite development for Robson Homes. “We’re a company building single-family homes within the city limits of very large cities in the Bay area.” The firm’s projects are often referred to as infill development. In many instances, Robson Homes projects begin with demolition of older structures for replacement with modern home sites; however, on occasion the company breaks new ground, converting sites from agricultural uses or from an undeveloped condition to a residential neighborhood. ... READ MORE

The Test of Time

| In channel stabilization, time is the test of the resiliency of a chosen solution. Several projects worldwide have demonstrated mitigation approaches that are making the grade. Case in point: the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is a 3.91-kilometer-long suspension bridge linking Kobe, the capital of the Hyōgo Prefecture on Honshu Island, to Iwaya on Awaji Island, also ... READ MORE