|   STORMCHAMBERS HydroLogic Solutions introduces its newest and largest HDPE chamber to the stormwater market—the StormChamber SC-18. This new 18-inch-high model offers the benefit of retention, detention, or reuse with a high water table or shallow soils. The StormChamber SC-18 is an ideal solution for stormwater management under these conditions due primarily to its strength ... READ MORE

Reader Profile: Tom Garigen

| If there is any doubt no two stormwater managers’ jobs are alike, consider the responsibilities of Tom Garigen, stormwater manager for Horry County, SC. “Horry County has been challenged by three major weather events in the past four years, setting new records with each event,” says Garigen. In 2015, Hurricane Joaquin veered off its predicted ... READ MORE

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Project Profile: Replenishing the Potomac Aquifer

| Throughout its 400-year-plus history, the city of Hampton, VA, has stood at the intersection of some of the most pivotal moments in United States history. Tucked on the southeastern end of the Virginia Peninsula, the city was among the first in the state and was home to the first continuous English-speaking settlement. It also played ... READ MORE

Recharging Our Water Resources

| Most states in the US have had long-established groundwater management regulations that all water agencies must comply with, except for California—until it adopted the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) in 2014. Agencies outside of the state are paying attention. Mark Rude, executive director of the Southwest Kansas Groundwater Management District, commented in an inter­view, “Everyone is ... READ MORE

A Diversity of Options

| Geosynthetic materials offer diverse ways to manage stormwater quantity and improve water quality. They can be used to stabilize soil, provide irrigation above and below the surface, collect runoff, and more. Butler County, OH In the Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT’s) ­central office, “We do training and create standards for ­district managers and their employees,” ... READ MORE

Now You See It

| Many of the drainage and filtration systems explored in this article look like ordinary planter boxes, housing anything from flowers and groundcover to full trees. That’s not all, however. They can be disguised as ramps and entranceways to venues in ways that are pleasing to the eye and yet filter stormwater at the site. Through ... READ MORE

The Underground Scene

| The Visitors From Beyond the Graves One would think a storm drain tunnel would be a lonely place to work, especially where it twists and turns beneath a legendary old cemetery, but a strange thing happened during a pipe rehab project. David O’Sullivan, president of PW Trenchless Construction, says his technicians were dumbfounded as they ... READ MORE

Editor’s Comments: Putting Down Roots

| What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Detroit? The auto industry? Motown music? The Tigers? Chances are your answer wasn’t “trees.” But according to a recent New York Times article (, until the 1950s Detroit was known as The City of Trees and had more of them per capita than just about ... READ MORE

Reader Profile: Dan Skalsky

| Stormwater management is an ongoing balancing of acts of nature, the political environment, and community education and standards. Dan Skalsky, P.E., Environmental/Public Works Department director for Roswell, GA, relishes his role helping to usher the city through various stormwater initiatives. One was the creation of a committee involving multiple city departments to promote green infrastructure ... READ MORE