Reader Profile: Dan Skalsky

| Stormwater management is an ongoing balancing of acts of nature, the political environment, and community education and standards. Dan Skalsky, P.E., Environmental/Public Works Department director for Roswell, GA, relishes his role helping to usher the city through various stormwater initiatives. One was the creation of a committee involving multiple city departments to promote green infrastructure ... READ MORE

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|   HACH COMPANY Claros, the Water Intelligence System from Hach, represents a leap forward in digital technologies for the water industry, offering a suite of software-assisted solutions to help plant operators optimize their facilities, save money, and stay in compliance. Claros provides guided insights into three critical areas: instrument, data, and process ­management. Claros allows ... READ MORE

Estimating Parameters for an Effective Sediment Basin/Trap

|   The only best management practice (BMP) that creates optimal conditions for removing significant amounts of sediment from runoff waters is a properly designed, installed, and maintained sediment basin or trap (Figure 1). Also known as sediment containment systems (SCSs), these designed structures have the potential to remove 75% or more of the suspended solids ... READ MORE

Do You Know Your Outfall From a Hole in the Ground?

| Both the experiential and material qualities of the built environment matter greatly, and cities with a perceived high quality of urban life are thriving as a result of high-quality infrastructure. The time has come for us—as design professionals, civic leaders, and stewards of the urban environment—to respond to a shift in the way society values ... READ MORE

Taking the Next Step in Strategic Program Management

| The City of Fort Worth, TX, established a Stormwater Utility in 2006 to provide a consistent revenue stream to support a stormwater management program. Prior to that time, City efforts relative to stormwater management were almost exclusively reactionary, and the City had little information to adequately understand the nature and magnitude of stormwater issues throughout ... READ MORE

Innovative Filter Design Application Targeting E. Coli and Phosphorus Removal

| High concentrations of Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria in urban stormwater and natural waters is a public health concern. Ingestion of E. coli can cause various diseases, such as gastroenteritis, urinary tract infections, and neonatal meningitis. Excess phosphorus in stormwater and natural waters is also a concern because high phosphorus levels cause algae blooms, inhibiting recreation and harming aquatic ... READ MORE

Denver’s Urban Water-Quality Adventure

| Denver is a city in transformation. Over recent years the city has averaged close to 2% annual growth, adding more than 13,000 people per year. This growth, combined with the millennial trend to prefer denser communities with high-quality “urban life,” is causing a pronounced densification of Denver’s urban core, where some neighborhoods have seen greater ... READ MORE

Editor’s Comments: Marking Your Place

| There are many ways to leave your mark on the world, and as a whole, the stormwater industry hasn’t made the most attractive job of it. The bits and pieces that make up much of our infrastructure—culverts, outfalls armored with riprap—often appear utilitarian at best, downright ugly at worst. It doesn’t have to be that ... READ MORE