Mobile Microgrids

| I was reminded recently that, as contemporaries, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison worked in tandem on the development of motor-driven vehicles and energy distribution. Today, in a stroke of synchronicity, those industries have an opportunity to collaborate once again. In 2018, US EV sales totaled 361,307 units, up 81% over 2017, according to an industry ... READ MORE

PG&E Presses the “Pause” Button

| In a dramatic series of events, San Francisco-based PG&E announced Monday that it will file for Chapter 11 of the US bankruptcy code on January 29. The company’s CEO, Geisha Williams, also stepped down amid the disturbance as its stocks plummeted. For months investigators have been working to determine whether the power supplier’s equipment sparked ... READ MORE

Disordered Particles

| I’ve often marveled at the many happy accidents that lead to great discovery. There’s something unexpectedly thrilling about the tangle of used Scotch tape that helped scientists discover graphene’s nano-scale capabilities. There’s quotidian brilliance in the sandwich-style layering of gold particles to produce high-efficiency solar cells. Fortuitous advancements such as these are also producing extraordinary ... READ MORE

Cummins Inc. Launches New 125-200kw Generator Sets

| Cummins Inc. launches new 125-200kw generator sets that enable the implementation of efficient power solutions to reduce investment costs and replace the current QSB7 diesel genset series models Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI) has announced the launch of a new generator set series. The C125D6D, C150D6D, C175D6D and C200D6D diesel generator sets are replacing the current ... READ MORE

Shannon Introduces Rapid Rise Fire Blanket for Valve Protection and Fire Safety

| Shannon Enterprises of W.N.Y., Inc., the world leading designer and maker of reusable thermal and acoustic insulation, has designed a new self-contained, removable protective enclosure called the Shannon Rapid Rise Fire Blanket to protect petrochemical, oil & gas, power generation, marine and military equipment from extreme temperatures. Shannon custom fits its Rapid Rise Fire Blankets ... READ MORE

LG Redefines VRF HVAC Systems with Innovative Year-Round Solution

| Unveiled at AHR Expo 2019, LG’s Multi VTM 5 Now Features LGRED° Technology for Superior and Efficient Heating Down to -22°F Air conditioning technologies leader LG Electronics is unveiling a robust enhancement of its flagship Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system, the Multi V 5 – now standard with the powerful LGRED° (Reliable to Extreme Degrees) ... READ MORE

Improving on the Original Westinghouse Iso-Phase Bus Design

| Not only does the Westinghouse design live on, but iterative improvements to insulators, mountings, and housings make this IPB design even more rugged and reliable Isolated-phase bus (IPB) systems are the critical first link in the power transmission chain. As a highly reliable method of construction for moving bulk electrical power, Iso Phase Bus Duct ... READ MORE

Honeywell Helps Modernize Kunsan Air Base While Improving Energy Utilization and Water Use

| Facility upgrades aim to reduce energy consumption by more than 18 percent, saving approximately $1.7 million annually Honeywell today announced a $28 million infrastructure modernization project with Kunsan Air Base, a U.S. Air Force Base located in South Korea. The project includes facility upgrades that aim to help improve infrastructure and equipment reliability while lowering ... READ MORE

Using Big Databases to Find the Superconductors of the Future

| A more systematic, data-driven approach could identify materials that can improve our energy use. Japanese researchers have found an approach to more quickly and successfully identify superconducting materials. “The data-driven approach shows promising power to accelerate the discovery of new thermoelectric and superconducting materials,” the researchers say in their study published in the journal Science ... READ MORE

NOARK Electric Releases Several New Accessories to its Motor Circuit Protection Control Product Line

| NOARK Electric, a leading low-voltage, electrical product manufacturer, announced the addition of several new accessories to its Ex9S32 line of motor circuit protection control products. The mounting plate, adapter and bus bar system allows UL508A panel builders to assemble easier, faster and in compliance with Type E and Type F stand-alone and group motor control ... READ MORE