Lithium-Sulfur: The Next Energy Storage Superstar?

| Lithium-ion batteries power many modern devices from cell phones, to cars, laptops, and a multitude of portable electronics.  But their power density is less than ideal. And there appears to be another, perhaps more promising energy storage option on the horizon: lithium-sulfur batteries. Lithium-sulfur batteries use cheaper materials than lithium-ion, they weigh less, and have ... READ MORE

Battery Electric Buses Come of Age

| Geoffrey Moore’s book, Crossing the Chasm, speaks to the moment when disruptive technologies make the leap from early adopter to early majority customers, signaling the maturity of a technology and its acceptance as a mainstream solution. This, I think, is where we stand today in the public transit arena with the rising rate of adoption ... READ MORE

Equipped for Continuity

| It’s difficult to imagine a business to which backup power is more critical than, a Cincinnati, OH-based provider of private data center space, hosted applications, cloud computing capacity, and network storage. Redundant security is a major element of how the firm defines itself, both in terms of clients’ data and equipment, and the power ... READ MORE

Bill Gates: His Energy Footprints Go Far Beyond DOS

| I know it might not be politically correct in a profession overrun with Apple lovers, but I am a rock-ribbed Bill Gates fan. This is partially because I was a PC person from the DOS days of BASICA and Word 1, but today I find it is his approach to problem-solving rooted in common sense—all too often missing in the rush to meet challenges that threaten to overwhelm us—that draws me into his web. ... READ MORE

“Alexa, Use Stored Energy to Run My Bedroom Lighting, Please”

| As those of you who attended the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show last week know, the runaway favorite this year was Alexa Voice Service (AVS), Amazon Echo’s software that allows users to control compatible devices by voice, a conclusion aptly demonstrated by the avalanche of Alexa-controllable products that sprang up at the show floor like mushrooms ... READ MORE

The Microgrid Market: Growth and Opportunity

| Microgrids are becoming the transformative technology in today’s energy industry, and are putting many utilities on the defensive. A few utilities want to adopt or coopt the technology, depending on one’s perceptions, creating tensions among utility and industry stakeholders. The latter believe microgrid resources can best be delivered by private companies. First, a definition: Microgrids ... READ MORE

Want to Avoid Your Commute Traffic? How About a Personal Helicopter?

| As anyone who has contemplated getting a helicopter rating knows, FAA’s requirements are somewhere between ridiculous and sublime. With no rating at all it will take you close to 45 hours of dual instruction and 20 hours of solo practice flights before you are ready for your checkride. Even if you already hold a pilot ... READ MORE

Elements of Critical Power Systems and Their Management

| A single power interruption can cripple a healthy company, says Bhavesh Patel, director of marketing of Emerson's ASCO Power business. "Not having adequate onsite power can be the 'Achilles heel' of a business, but the controls for operating, monitoring, diagnosing, and producing a variety of mandatory reports on these power systems and the power distribution systems they interact with are not keeping pace," he says. According to a survey taken, 76% of facilities executives reported ... ... READ MORE