Going to the Dogs

| If you own a business or manage any part of one, chances are you at least occasionally need to interview and hire employees. The erosion control, landscaping, and construction industries often have a need for seasonal help, so you might even be doing it regularly at certain times of the year. How comfortable you are ... READ MORE

Imaginary Cities

| SimCity turns 30 years old this year. The video game, which allows players to start from scratch and develop their own metropolis, has influenced a generation of urban planners and designers. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without SimCity,” says one young professional in this Los Angeles Times article. She now works for the ... READ MORE

Water From Air

| Now that some drought-stricken parts of the country are getting rain, including much of California and Arizona, lots of people think our troubles are over and things are returning to normal. That’s not necessarily the case. As this blog post from the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association explains in detail, although the recent rains have ... READ MORE

Eyes in the Sky

| Wildfire season is coming—well, it’s never really over—and the US military has some new ideas about how to fight the inevitable blazes that erupt; it’s planning to use artificial intelligence to outsmart them. A couple of weeks ago, the Pentagon announced a pilot project that will use aerial video and still images of fires, mainly ... READ MORE

This Should Really Bug You

| You might think insects are one of the things you wouldn’t miss too much if they suddenly disappeared. A recent paper, though, says you’d be wrong. Scientists say that we’re losing insects at an unprecedented rate; 40% of the world’s insect species are declining, some up to eight times faster than birds, reptiles, and mammals. ... READ MORE

Leaf Canopy and Drought

| It’s the chicken and the egg all over again. We know the importance of rainforests in sequestering carbon; an average tree in a tropical rainforest pulls in and stores about 50 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere each year. New growth and rapidly growing trees tend to absorb more carbon. However, changing weather patterns are ... READ MORE

Solmax-GSE becomes Solmax

| 11 February, 2019 – Montreal.   Solmax-GSE, now the world’s leading geosynthetics company, will henceforth be known as Solmax. The return to the Solmax name and brand follows the successful integration of the Solmax and GSE Environmental businesses to form a single strong global entity—one that will reshape the industry, says the company. “Solmax is a ... READ MORE

How Fast Are We Really Losing Soil?

| There are many ways to measure erosion, and these can sometimes vary depending on what we’re trying to achieve. A few years ago, a professor of agronomy at Iowa State University made the news with an estimate that topsoil loss in that state—by his reckoning, up to 12 times the government’s estimate of 5.4 tons ... READ MORE

A Not-So-Fine Kettle of Fish

| We’ve seen many results of drought in the US over the last several years, from dwindling water supplies to more frequent and intense wildfires to dust problems. In Australia, drought seems to be the cause, at least indirectly, of another type of problem: eutrophication and lots and lots of dead fish. In the Darling River ... READ MORE

Gaining Ground

| Investing in real estate is taking on a whole new meaning—not just buying up land, but creating it where it didn’t exist before. It’s a centuries-old practice; parts of many cities and countries, from San Francisco to Mumbai to the Netherlands, are built up or reclaimed. But since the 1970s, as this article points out, ... READ MORE