Spider Sense

| As we’ve discussed many times here and in our sister publications, more cities, states, and countries are banning or restricting single-use plastic items—bags, straws, eating utensils, even plastic water bottles. Those efforts, intended to reduce plastic waste in waterways and landfills, are gaining momentum, but they beg the question “What are we going to use ... READ MORE

“A Water Sandwich”

| A group of students in New England is tackling a problem more and more of us will be dealing with—water from too many directions. Graduate students at the Conway School in Northampton, MA, are studying solutions for the coastal town of Mystic, CT, which is experiencing both higher-than-usual rainfall and a rate of sea level ... READ MORE

Solmax-GSE becomes Solmax

| 11 February, 2019 – Montreal.   Solmax-GSE, now the world’s leading geosynthetics company, will henceforth be known as Solmax. The return to the Solmax name and brand follows the successful integration of the Solmax and GSE Environmental businesses to form a single strong global entity—one that will reshape the industry, says the company. “Solmax is a ... READ MORE

Building (and Selling) Bridges

| As one of my colleagues pointed out recently, Infrastructure Week is coming up: this year it’s May 13–30, and as always, it’s a time for cities, counties, states, and private companies to highlight what they’re doing—and what’s still needed—to improve our nation’s roads, waterways, power grids, and much more. What new technologies are on the ... READ MORE

Setting the Stormwater Fee: How Much Incentive Is Too Much?

| As many other cities have done in the last several years, Norman, OK, is trying to put a stormwater utility in place—again. The city council wants to get the utility on the upcoming April 2 ballot, and it’s running out of time to finalize the details. At a meeting last week, council members made a ... READ MORE

A New Use for an Old Nuisance

| Algae is rehabilitating its public image. Although we tend to think of it as a water-quality problem—driving away tourists, threatening drinking water supplies, and creating dead zones—different varieties are being put to work for all sorts of beneficial uses. It’s being touted as a sustainable source of protein; proponents claim that algae can produce seven ... READ MORE

New Color of CULTEC Chambers Has Added Benefits

| BROOKFIELD, CT/January 9, 2019 — CULTEC, a Brookfield, Conn. company that specializes in the manufacturing of plastic stormwater and septic chambers, announced an important design change that will allow for improved product integrity, safer handling, and a fresh look rebranding of its product line. CULTEC’s classic black chambers with a blue stripe have been a ... READ MORE

A 60-Foot Setback

| The ban on plastic straws is now a reality in many places, with mixed reactions from the public. Some cities are phasing the ban in slowly, requiring customers to ask for straws rather than receiving them automatically with their drinks. (You might have seen this news item about a fast-food restaurant in St. Petersburg, FL, ... READ MORE

Stormwater Looking Ahead to 2019

| As we look forward in 2019, change is in the air. First, in case you missed it, Stormwater and our annual conferences StormCon and the Western Water Summit were acquired by Endeavor  Business Media last month.  We’re excited to be a part of the Endeavor Business Media family, and our team will continue to bring you the ... READ MORE

Stormwater’s Best of 2018

| Before we close the books on 2018, let’s revisit Stormwater’s top posts and stories for the year. This blog post received more comments than any other Stormwater post published in 2018. Meatless Monday—and Every Day—at the Office Many people, for environmental, health, or ethical reasons, choose not to eat meat.  But what if someone else made ... READ MORE

Endeavor Business Media Acquires Forester Media

| NASHVILLE, TN.  (December 19, 2018) – Endeavor Business Media, a business-to-business media company, based in Nashville, TN, today announced that it has acquired the assets of Forester Media for an undisclosed amount. Forester Media is based in Santa Barbara, CA. The group includes the trade show StormCon, the Western Water Summit conference, and six magazines and ... READ MORE

Tapped Out

| Water’s getting scarcer, and the lack of rainfall in some areas is prompting people to use resources they might have resisted even a short time ago. The use of recycled graywater—technically called “direct potable reuse,” but often labeled “toilet to tap,” which doesn’t help public acceptance at all—is becoming more common. For some communities, such ... READ MORE