The Right Amount of Water

| We often report on the problems major storms and excess rain bring: flooding, washed-out culverts, combined sewer overflows. The recently released National Climate Assessment, in fact, contains some dire predictions about what’s going to happen as larger and more frequent storms occur in the Midwest, including erosion in agricultural fields and larger algae blooms and ... READ MORE

Diving in Deeper

| Last year, Water Efficiency’s editor, Laura Sanchez, wrote about water use and data centers. Each one consumes on average an Olympic-sized swimming pool’s worth of water every two days for cooling its equipment. She was talking specifically about the delicate balance for communities that want to attract tech companies but also want to protect their ... READ MORE

Following Florence

| Tolstoy famously wrote, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Although he made no mention of it, the same principle might apply to flooded property. Every region has its own particular woes when the waters begin to rise. In the case of Hurricane Florence—not quite yet done with ... READ MORE

Spies With Feathers

| Among the many surface water concerns that stormwater managers need to be aware of, particularly in coastal areas, is the health of fisheries. Temperature, water quality, debris, erosion, ocean acidification—all of these affect them, and all can be connected back, in some way, to stormwater management. One thing a bit outside our purview is the ... READ MORE

The Uninvited

| Stormwater ponds in Ontario have some unexpected, and unwanted, guests: goldfish. Thousands and thousands of them. And they’re stirring up trouble—or at least sediment. The goldfish are a species of carp, native to Asia and considered invasive in North America. Unlike other species of Asian carp that threaten the Great Lakes, which originally escaped from ... READ MORE


| What if one morning the news contained, rather than more problems for you to contemplate, the solution to a longstanding dilemma? Thanks to researchers at the University of Illinois and elsewhere, we might have at least the beginning of an answer to the plastics problem. All the editors here at Forester Media have dealt at ... READ MORE

Boxed In

| Passing through an airport a few weeks ago, and having just had a water bottle confiscated at the security checkpoint (yes, I’m sorry to say I was one of those people who forgot all about the bottle in my carry-on and got pulled out of line), I stopped at a little coffee kiosk along the ... READ MORE

Capturing Funds for Stormwater Management

| Residents of Toledo, OH, have always seen water as a very important asset, says Patekka Bannister, commissioner of plant operations and chief of water resources for the Toledo Department of Public Utilities. There is water everywhere you look in Toledo, she says. “In terms of trade, a lot of the economy is based on water. When you go downtown you see the river running through, drive a little bit further you see Lake Erie. In your backyard there is some kind of a ditch or a creek, so we have that connection.” As part a downstream community on the Maumee River in the Great Lakes Watershed, residents see the value of water. ... READ MORE

A New Direction and a New Event

| Thanks to all of you who joined us last week at StormCon in Denver. Next year we’re heading east: StormCon 2019 will take place in Atlanta, GA, August 18–22, 2019. You can see more information—and the call for speakers coming soon—at Before that, though, we have another event we’re eager to announce especially for ... READ MORE

Oysters on the Half Shell

| I’m not a picky eater. I cheerfully tried greenland shark in Iceland, pig’s foot soup in Korea, and tongue tacos in Santa Barbara. But no matter how hard I’ve tried, I never developed a taste for oysters. Which is a shame, because I grew up on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, where oysters are ... READ MORE