A Pivotal Technology

| It’s fascinating to consider inventions that have shaped 20th-century American culture, such as the electric light bulb, the automobile, and the personal computer. Irrigation technology has also shifted our cultural landscape—specifically center pivot irrigation—by nourishing vast fields of circular crops across the American Midwest. Records show that in the early 1900s midwestern farmers began pumping ... READ MORE

Legal vs. Safe Water

| Water is a classic carrier of disease. A variety of bacteria, parasites, and viruses known as pathogens can potentially cause health problems if ingested by humans. In my experience, the healthfulness (hence legality) of water is based on certain presumptions and assumptions. When a sample of water measures up to a series of statutory limits ... READ MORE

Induron Adds Tom Wunderlin to Sales Team

| Induron Protective Coatings, an industrial pioneer of ceramic epoxy coatings for high performance systems and potable water immersion, announced today that Tom Wunderlin has joined the company as Sales Manager of the Mid-Atlantic region. Wunderlin will manage the service and sales team in the Maryland and Virginia markets. “We are excited to bring Tom on ... READ MORE

Jacobs Focuses on Resilient Future with Sustainable Solutions Across Water Cycle

| New white paper and formal giving partnership with Water For People add to company’s efforts to quench the global water crisis in honor of Imagine a Day Without Water As part of an annual giving campaign, Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. (NYSE:JEC) is raising donations for nonprofit organization Water For People, expanding the company’s commitment to ... READ MORE

Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment Reuse Experts Launch A New Water Treatment Solutions Website to Help Municipal & Industrial Businesses Across the World

| Genesis Water Technologies introduces a new website, more effectively conveying their core solutions and services to clients and partners worldwide. Genesis Water Technologies, a leading specialized water treatment solutions company focused on serving industrial and municipal clients worldwide, announces the launch of its newly redesigned website, www.genesiswatertech.com. The new site clearly illustrates the innovative solutions ... READ MORE

Water Worth Its Salt

| Agricultural water use accounts for 80% of all water used in homes and businesses in California, according to the Public Policy Institute of California. I wrote before about the tension between agricultural, environmental, and urban needs in California’s San Joaquin Valley. And it’s not just California struggling with drought; Iran, Australia, Iraq, South Africa, India, the ... READ MORE

Fatberg to Fuel

| A fatberg is a greasy gelatinous mountain. The pestilent globs can reach 140 tons, lurking in sewer systems from London and Melbourne to Baltimore. And not only are they a nuisance, they’re costly to remove. These colossal clogs develop when fats sent down sewer pipes intermingle and congeal with solids such as wipes, sanitary napkins, ... READ MORE

Puzzling Pipelines

| The word for “puzzle” in Spanish is “rompecabezas”—literally, a head breaker. The term serves as an apt description of Mexico City’s hydrologic tangle, a multi-faceted conundrum that exemplifies the global need to make water systems sustainable. Legend has it that Mexico City was founded in a sacred location. For more than two centuries, the Mexica ... READ MORE

Singing in the Shower

| Everybody sings in the shower. At least that’s the belief that Susan van Rooyen and Moe Kekana were operating under as they developed a brilliant water-saving campaign in Cape Town, South Africa. And as it turns out, they were right. As drought conditions became grave in late 2017 and the threat of Day Zero approached, ... READ MORE

Sophisticated Sand

| “The way we treat stormwater, especially in California, is broken,” explains Joseph Charbonnet, a graduate student in civil and environmental engineering at UC Berkeley. “We think of it as a pollutant, but we should be thinking about it as a solution.”  As water flows through urban areas, over rooftops, lawns, and streets, it can accumulate ... READ MORE

Flushed but not Forgotten

| Dental floss, wipes, contact lenses, medications, facial tissues… Each of these items may seem innocuous, but in wastewater treatment facilities, they can be highly destructive. When flushed down toilets and into sewer systems, these products can’t be dissolved by conventional methods. Instead, they clog pumps, tangle around mixers, contaminate waterways, and end up in the ... READ MORE

Greener Grounds, Greener Business

| Mark Hurd, grounds and irrigation foreman for the Davis School District, Utah’s second largest, has seen a lot of changes in irrigation technology in the three decades he’s been doing his job. But as of late, he’s noticed them developing at warp speed. ... READ MORE